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Hebden Bordo

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Men's leather smart plimsoll, bordo.

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A gent can never have too many shoes

The Hebden Bordo, or the red wine plimsoll as we like to call it here at GSHQ has a pretty engaging backstory. It was created from the aftermath of a Goodwin Smith new range party that got a tad messy. Oh boy.: One of those nights when you wake up the next day and say,  "Is this earth? " or  "Why are we potholing in Croatia? " Clearing up the wreckage the following morning we found a plimsoll prototype drenched in red wine.:

Our chief designer put his pants on, picked up the shoe, held it high in the air and screamed,  "Eureka, I've got it! " He then immediately passed out but the rest, they say, was a verbal warning.

This burgundy premium-burnished leather plimsoll boasts a subtle brogue detail topline. In addition, there's a leather sock and lining printed with the famous GS stag detail and a contrasting TPR rubber sole.

Hebden Bordo