Gisburn Skull (GS INKED) | Size 9 | 16/50

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Limited edition. a one of a kind: 16/50

Say it with us: "GIZBUN" no, not GIS BURN" but "GIZBUN". That's how we say it up here. In North. #Roylefamily. "I would like to leave this city" Gisburn is a town famous for one thing and one thing only: the Gisburn bigcat. Before 1976 when the Dangerous Wild Animals Act came into force it was common to own a leopard or lion in the UK. Ok. Maybe not common but people did own big cats.

On every street, there was a guy knocking around with a puma. The Gisburn Tan Derby is a nod to the cougar (Mufasa) who was found roaming Gisburn Forest in 1978. The tan is a reference to the animal's colour. Let's hear you roar.

This tan derby shoe with brogue detail uses richly burnished premium leather for the upper with double brogue toe cap detail. The leather sole, with a TPR anti-slip forepart, is laser etched with our GS stag logo.