Goodwin smith has a unique history, which started one night in a Lancashire pub way back in 1928. Two rival British shoemakers stood face to face, arguing about which one of them could make the better shoe – Ernie Goodwin or Walter Smith. They came from different backgrounds, Ernie a Manchester city footballer and Walter a coal miner, but they each shared the same ideals, namely a passion for making quality footwear and a good night out. After that argument in the pub, Goodwin and Smith joined forces to create ‘The Bacup Shoe Company’.


early one hundred years later, nothing much has changed. The Bacup Shoe Company is still owned and run by the same family. And they are still making quality footwear. Under Tim Smith’s leadership, a contestant on Dragons Den, the company has developed the ‘Goodwin Smith’ brand to celebrate the two founder’s intriguing characters. Like Ernie and Walter, Goodwin Smith represents the epitome of the modern man who likes to work hard and play very hard.


In the years since Ernie Goodwin and Walter Smith first united forces, our shoes have just got better and better, with more refined craftsmanship, exceptional designs, and incredible manufacturing. Every Goodwin Smith shoe must meet the highest standards, because after all, these shoes are made for a bucking good night out, and you need to look the part.