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Oxford Brogues

Oxford brogues are a classic go-to for any modern gent. Smart or casual, relaxed yet stylish, these shoes are what being a Goodwin Smith man is all about.
Treat yourself to a pair of black Oxford brogues to create your signature style, and watch the lads follow your lead. Then mix it up and go for brown Oxford brogues for your encore to keep them guessing. Show that you’re the true leader of the pack; you’re a Goodwin Smith man, and why would you want to be anything else?

Black and brown brogues not quite doing it for you? How about a pair of tan Oxford brogues to really make a statement? With a pair of Goodwin Smith men’s leather shoes, your hungover, unshaven face suddenly becomes an irresistible allure. There’ll be no stopping you, no imitating you and certainly no one more stylish than you. Step out the door in style, whether it’s for coffee with a date, a meal with the girl you’ve been chasing or just some drinks with the lads — we’ve always got your back. All you need to do now is decide where you’re headed. You could go with those leather Oxford brogues that first caught your eye, or you could have a browse around and see what you find next. No matter what you choose, remember that you’re a Goodwin Smith lad, through and through. We know you’ll start walking the walk from the moment you try them on. All that’s left is to find the right style that will show the world just how dapper you are.