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Complete your outfit with a pair of men’s brogues that can take you anywhere. Brogues are a staple in any wardrobe, so make a statement with a pair of Goodwin Smith’s and watch them become the ultimate wingmen. Where would you be without them? Sat at home wishing you had them, that’s where.
You’re a trendsetter who embraces his classic style with a modern twist. Bring it all together with our signature brogues, and you have more than a new pair of shoes. You have a signature style that every other lad will envy.

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Struggling to choose between Oxford shoes and classic brogues? You’re not alone, you’re just in need of a bit of Goodwin Smith magic. It’s why we stock more men’s brogues than you could try on in a lifetime: black brogues, brown brogues, tan brogues. Which leaves you with a problem: which one are you going to treat yourself to first? 

Take a moment and think about it. You’re a man in need of a signature style. You want to look dapper and casual at the same time. You want to turn a week of missed shaves into designer stubble. You’re a Goodwin Smith man, through and through, and we’ve got a selection of gentleman’s footwear that can turn every lad into a bona fide gent. All you need to do is choose your pair and get ready to make an entrance. It’s about being bold, dapper and outgoing, and adding a touch of humour for when you’re out with the lads. 

Adding some new leather brogues to your wardrobe is quick and easy when you live the Goodwin Smith lifestyle. Now it’s over to you to show the world what a Goodwin Smith guy really looks like.