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Ankle Boots

A pair of timeless ankle boots are a staple in every stylish, modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Goodwin Smith’s ankle boots are a dapper classic that can pull together an outfit and turn it from shabby to sharp, and really bring your maverick style to the forefront.
Shop our range of impeccably made, superior quality men’s ankle boots and find the perfect pair to suit your signature style.

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You’re an astute gent who knows what true style looks like, and that it takes time to master it. You won’t be following the crowd — you’re the one the rest of the crowd follows. You’re the innovator and the trendsetter, and just when everyone thought they had you figured out, our boots are testimony that you’re a man who keeps the world on its toes. 

We know that we have the perfect pair of men’s ankle boots to make the statement you’re looking for. 

Reinventing yourself, having a look that no one else can truly copy is what being a Goodwin Smith man is all about. We understand you, and we understand shoes. We guarantee your peace of mind; you know you’re getting something that’s not only designed with impeccable taste, but also built to last. 

Our men’s boots are the kind of shoe that people see – and want. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all — so why not show them just what a Goodwin Smith kind of guy looks like?