A MAN who shaved his hipster beard is warning others to think twice about picking up the razor. 

Engineer John Richardson shaved his lumberjack beard last week after seeing a Gillette advert. However, after his shave he was left stunned by his ugliness.

Mr Richardson, 28, of Mendip, Somerset, said: 'I'd been growing my lumberjack beard for three years but the Gillette lad looked sharper after a wet shave. I was convinced. I thought I could be the same.

'When I stepped back from the mirror and saw what I'd done I cried, who the f**k is this ugly c**t. I should be put down. I tried to stick the hair back to my cheeks, but it was too late, my Bo’ Selecta! chin was there for all to see.'

Mr Richardson added: 'It's been a week but I still haven't slept. I spend the nights staring in the mirror watching my stubble grow. My girlfriend calls me potato face and I've been made to sleep on the couch. Whenever I'm on a Zoom call, my colleagues tell me to put on my face mask [pictured].'

Now Mr Richardson has set up a Facebook page warning men to think twice about shaving. DFTT (Don't Face The Truth) has, of last night, more than 15,000 followers. The page aims to remind men they grew their beards for a reason. One blog is titled: 'Ten reasons why beards are worth the itchiness.' 

A spokesman for Gillette UK said: 'Consideration will be given for possible “clean shaven may cause trauma” warnings on future men’s razors. We encourage all men with beards to look at pre-beard photos of themselves. Remember how unattractive your face is.'

May 07, 2021 — Goodwin Smith reporter