A FRIEND has consoled his mate after he thought Tinder's premium features would offer better matches.

Philip Jackson, 34, joined the dating service app three months ago in the hope of finding love during the pandemic. After swiping right for hours each day he was met with a tiny number of 'mediocre matches'.

As a last resort, coffeeshop owner Mr Jackson decided to upgrade to Tinder's premium features, which he thought would 'open the flood gates'. Now Mr Jackson's friend, Thomas Williams, has had to support him after the reality of spending money on Tinder. 

Mr Jackson, of York, said: 'I was getting nowhere. I thought someone at Tinder was having a laugh and fucking with my account. I matched with more blokes than women even though my settings said "interested in females". How does that even work?'

Mr Jackson paid for Tinder's Gold level subscription in the hope of increasing his chances of finding a date. Gold is the second out of three tiers - the first being Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold then Tinder Platinum. 

Mr Jackson added: 'Yeah I was allowed unlimited likes and unlimited rewinds and I got to see who liked me...guess how many did...fucking none. Tinder made it seem like paying would open the flood gates but all I got was three very mediocre matches.'

After further weeks of unsuccessful swiping Mr Jackson's friend took him out for a beer to console him over his experience. 

Mr Williams said: 'It's been a bit of a reality shock. He was crying a lot at how stupid he'd been. How gullible. What Tinder's premium features said they could offer compared to what's actually been delivered has been hilarious, for me, not really for Phil. We had a few outdoor pints and I had a good laugh.'

Tinder could not be reached for comment.

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May 15, 2021 — Goodwin Smith reporter