POLICE fear the number of drivers pulled over for ‘cranking’ will only worsen as the Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end. 

The challenge involves TikTok users filming themselves masturbating while driving. The ‘crackingoneoffatthewheel’ challenge is the latest fad on the social media platform. 

Players or 'crankers' must masturbate to completion while driving on either an A road or B road. Motorways do not count. 

Liam Spencer has more than 450,000 followers on TikTok and is a well-known 'cranker'. 

Mr Spencer, 24, said: 'I've been a cranker for the past six months. It's not as easy as it sounds but it's a real thrill. I've bought a 4x4 so I'm higher up. I had a VW Beetle and people could easily see what I was doing, especially with the top down. Now I'm in a Skoda Yeti. It's not perfect but I'm higher up now. Less exposed.' 

An officer with Lancashire’s Roads Policing Unit said: ‘Normally it’s speeding, drink driving or careless driving but we’ve seen a sharp rise in cranking. Drivers often have this glazed, vacant expression on their eyes with a grin. So far it’s been exclusively men who have been caught.

'It's dangerous and irresponsible. We've had crankers wait at green lights to "finish off". Things are only to get worse with the arrival of self-drive cars and the easing of travel restrictions. If a member of the public spots someone cranking, our advice is not to take a video as this only encourages them.' 

May 09, 2021 — Goodwin Smith reporter