Whenever the word 'artisanal' is heard the same images pop up - homemade burger bars, craft ale stalls and independent coffee shops. All complete with some cock filming his Danish pastries for his Insta followers. 

The word has been diluted, debased and drained of all genuine meaning that any hipster with a topknot, pipe and a cravat can claim to be an artisan.

The word 'artisan' means 'a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.' Think this kind of guy. Roy Underhill. A famous American master craftsman. Tools, blisters, years of dedication and a phenomenal moustache. 


Using unsweetened almond milk for your morning latte doesn't count, nor does adding rosemary to your glass of mulled wine at Christmas. That's not artisanal, that's fucking stupid. 

Something truly artisanal is rarer than hen's teeth, and thus should be adored, appreciated and acquired. 

Enter the New Artisan Collection - a thing of beauty. 

Goodwin Smith CEO Tim Smith explains: 'The collection signifies a significant step up in terms of attention to detail and workmanship. The shoes are worked into far more than before with an increased level of handwork.

'The result for our customers is a rich and authentic pre-worn look.' 

He added: 'This degree of finishing and burnishing is only possible by true craftsman and footwear artisans. 

'The level of unique detail bleeds character into each shoe of this collection, every one of which has its own characteristics and personality.'

Items from the collection range in price from £95 - £140. 

The above image shows (from left to right), the Blake Brown trainer, the Archie Tan Derby and the Levi Brown plimsoll. 

So to sum, in any one pair, you get more craftsmanship, more character and superior quality. 

That's artisanal. 

November 13, 2019 — Simon Smith