Written by Jon Clarke

Tell us a nicer feeling than opening the box of a new pair of shoes - from Goodwin Smith of course - and taking a deep breath. That smell of fresh Italian leather, finely finished stitching, and quality soles to last for years. Maybe it’s this sensory experience that makes buying shoes so fun and addictive. And while we’re in the business making and selling many shoe styles to you (we’d go bust if we didn’t), there’s a little secret to let you in on.

What if we told you there’s a single pair of shoes that can do it all? We’re talking about the most versatile, never-need-to take-off-your-feet piece of footwear out currently. Our Ealing brogue is the one.

Meet our Ealing brogue shoe

So this all-occasion shoe… why a brogue? Well, for one they always say a classic style never goes out of fashion. Who they are exactly is unconfirmed, but it’s a valid point. The brogue style has stood the test of time, it’s been worn by lawyers and businessmen, but also by musicians and hipsters. The Ealing is the epitome of a versatile brogue shoe. Elegant and formal, yet characterful and casual.



Oh Barry stop it - you're making us blush.


It has a TPR (that’s thermoplastic rubber for you non-shoe nerds) sole. This means better durability, more flexibility and superior grip - all essential properties if these are to be worn often.

How to switch between formal and fun

One of the easiest ways to switch the Ealing up is to change its laces. Black or brown for formal wear - nothing too shouty or opinionated. But before hitting the town, take a lace pit stop. Thread in some yellow or purple to make a statement, and match the colour of your shirt to them for maximum impact.

And if you’re feeling really crazy and want something so unique that nobody else in the world has them, get them tattooed with our unique shoe tattooing service.


Tattooed Ealing

Give the Ealing brogue attitude and personality with a unique tattoo job.


Use other accessories to elevate their prominence - handkerchiefs, watches, belts, socks. You’ll be the envy of many men, and women will be like ‘hey look at that coordinated dapper guy, I need him in my life.’

Treat them mean but keep them clean

When we say ‘treat them mean’ - we want you to wear them until they wear out. Don’t be afraid to mix business with pleasure in the Ealing brogues - they can handle it. But, for a shoe that will get lots of attention, and one that will act as a lynchpin for many of your outfits - it’s important that you maintain and clean them regularly. The leather should remain supple and moist, as this will avoid cracks and premature folds forming.

We recommend investing in a quality shoe tree to maintain shape, and using first class cleaning products - Famaco are a go-to when it comes to shoe protection and conditioning.


So whether it’s your brother’s wedding or grandma’s funeral, a first date or a break up, a few scoops on Friday or a full on sesh - the Ealing will be there to celebrate, console and stumble your way home.

Disclaimer: while we 100% recommend buying these shoes as your go-tos, we absolutely don’t wish harm on your grandma.

March 01, 2019 — Bacup shoe direct Collaborator