Written by Jon Clarke

It’s a shame that the lure of an ice cold pint in a sunny beer garden caused us to miss the Royal Wedding. Sorry Harry, nothing personal. Yet we did of course grab the highlights to stay abreast of the fashion and all that. And while Beckham stole the show with his outfit as he so often does (learn how to dress like Becks here), we wanted to know more about the Prince himself.

Leading up to a wedding, one of the biggest motivations for a woman is to look good in her wedding dress. This usually involves copious amounts of sunbed trips, a very expensive hairdresser and make-up artist, and a diet that involves lots of leaves, water and fresh air.

Traditionally men consider having a shave, get their Goodwin Smith wedding shoes polished and style their hair themselves. Stark contrast eh? But times are changin’ and Prince Harry has jumped on the juicing bandwagon in order to look svelte in his regal rags.



 All natural and healthy ingredients: juicing is a popular phenomenon in 2018.


What is ‘juicing’?

No, the good Prince has not hit the ‘roids… not that kind of juicing lads. We’re talking about that sweet smoothie goodness - fruit, green tea, mashed up veg - you get the picture. Juicing has become a big thing in recent years, as it seems every other influencer on your Instagram and Facebook are promoting it in their stories. Don’t tell them it's a pyramid scheme though, they hate that.

Meghan, the first Duchess of Sussex, introduced Harry to juicing in the lead up to their wedding, and he’s apparently lost a lot of weight from it (though he didn't have all that much to start with). Add to that the fact that he’s consuming kale and quinoa on the regular (daily in fact), and he seems to be a changed man. Gone are the days he would indulge on pizza and KFC when he was in the army.

I wonder whether he will reach for the pizzas again now that he’s settled down? Only time will tell, but at least he looked great in his wedding photos - mission accomplished.

Does he go to the gym as well?

He does go the gym, and apparently it costs £575 per month. To put that in perspective, that’s almost the same as David Lloyds. Crazy.

Of course he doesn’t pay. That tax deduction on your wages each month? Yea that’s covering Harry’s kettlebells and treadmills. At least he’s putting them to good use though.


The happy couple: Harry and Meghan leave St.George's Chapel as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


Final word

Ditching the burgers and pizzas for kale and quinoa is no mean feat. We admire his determination and will power. But with summer pretty much here, we aren’t about to give up BBQs and holiday feasts. No chance. However, if you feel a little more motivated, you can discover how to get the body of Superman here.

May 22, 2018 — Bonnie Jackson