Written by Jon Clarke

Contemporary design meets traditional quality. This perfectly sums up our mission with the all-new GS28 collection - and my word do they live up to it! By now you’re accustomed to our signature designs (and if you’re not, we suggest you go check them out), which tend to be classic, bold, yet true to tradition. With GS28, we’re taking ourselves out of this comfort zone and making our first foray into athleisure footwear.

What does GS28 mean?

Jack Dyson, Goodwin Smith’s Brand Manager, explains that “the GS28 name derives from Goodwin Smith being founded in 1928. We wanted to give a nod to our history, but at the same time pave a way into another, more sporty identity that would best represent the new designs.”

The identity of GS28 Jack talks about also comes with a new, sharper and more modern looking stag logo. “It’s important that our customers know that the traditional collection of footwear is still well and truly alive and will continue to be our primary range - so the much-loved original logo isn’t going anywhere. That said, we felt for this new sports range we needed to identify and separate them as a significantly different concept and idea.”

Tim Smith, Goodwin Smith’s Managing Director, adds, “We believe GS28 has the potential to open up Goodwin Smith to a whole new customer base, whilst adding a new offering and experience to our existing base. It was imperative that we stayed true to our core brand values and delivered a collection that had quality at the heart of it.”

Jack reaffirms the decision to enter this market too, “the athleisure market has exploded in recent years, with men’s fashion being at the forefront of this movement. We’ve seen our own customer’s, the ‘GS Club’, attitude and demand for casual styles increase during this time.”

While boldly different in design to anything else from Goodwin Smith’s back catalogue, GS28 products will feel familiar to customers in many other aspects. The quality of the materials, the comfort, the finer details - all of these things synonymous with the brand remain. Let’s take a closer look at the first drop…


Discover the GS28 Range

We’d like you to meet Creed, Lennox and Solo. Three pioneers of our new venture. Inspired by some of the most current and popular designs on the market today, these trainers and plimsolls are truly best-of-breed creations in style, comfort and quality.

Each style is constructed from premium quality leather, sourced only from the best tanneries - ensuring the colours are vibrant, eco-friendly and durable.The Creed and Solo trainers debut our revolutionary, superlight but hard-wearing TPR sole - making these one of the most comfortable styles we’ve ever created.

If you prefer a more simplistic design, then Lennox might be a better option. Our champion sneaker on a deep plim unit, Lennox features an unfussy upper pattern made from premium quality leather, with a contrasting heel cuff and subtle GS28 branding. The Lennox sole unit is a lightweight blown EVA mix, hard wearing, light and flexible - making a incredibly comfortable plimsoll.

So if you’re in the market for some premium quality, distinctive athleisure footwear, be it for the gym, your holidays or simply athletic companions to the rest of your Goodwin Smith collection - don’t take our word for it, take a look at our new GS28 range today.

May 17, 2019 — Bacup shoe direct Collaborator