Like the other essential accessories in your wardrobe, it's important your ties match the rest of your clothes. 

In fact, just stand up right now. Stand up at your desk and just look at the ties the men have gone with. 

Most will be wearing the wrong one. Either the colour or material doesn't complement the suit, the shape is off or the knot makes them look like a school boy. Getting your tie right is a big deal...


Let's start with the basics of matching colours. It's really simple. Let's say you're wearing a charcoal suit, with a white shirt and black shoes. You're two safe options would be to go with either a grey tie to match the suit or a black tie to go with the shoes. (see Zac Efron). Every gent so own at least one black, charcoal and navy tie in their collection. The rule to remember here is to match your tie with a colour on your outfit. Obviously not your white shirt or underwear. 


A sensible and versatile option is always silk. A good quality texted silk tie will stand you in good stead all year round. Avoid at all costs a satin tie with no texture. They are usually used for a black tie event so rarely worn and always bettered by the aforementioned textured silk alternative. If you want to mix it up a bit then go for a silk knit tie for the warmer in the UK that's two days in July. 


Once you've gotten the basics of colour and material down it's time to up your game and move onto patterns. Go with striped ties but always make sure there are no more than three colours in each one. The colours shouldn't vary from, again, black, charcoal or navy. Polka dot patterning is always an option in the recommended colours. Make sure the dots aren't too large or there are so many it confuses the person you're talking to.  


Ties usually range from 2" to 3" and the width of yours is dependent on two things: your height and your body type. The right shape is going to keep your body proportions in balance. If you're broad/heavy then a skinny tie is going to make you look even bigger. The same goes for vice-versa. If you're skinny and you opt for a wide tie then you're going look like a rake. 

August 17, 2017 — BoosterApps Apps