Footballers. Revered for their distinctive fashion sense since a saronged David Beckham in 1998. And while that particular outfit did him no favours, Becks is widely regarded as the most stylish footballer of all time.

However, there are five current players who have something to say about that.

So without further ado, we’d like to present you with Goodwin Smith’s 2017 Ballon Dior awards!


5. Paul Pogba

Rumour has it that Manchester United paid £89 million for Pogba’s quirky fashion sense. His exceptional footballing abilities are secondary. We asked what his secret was, but he just smiled at us and dabbed, so we guessed it must be his larger-than-life personality.

Paul’s probable pair of GS shoes: Calder Sage Grey

Pogba is renowned for sporting some rather outrageous hairstyles and, as a result, has earned the right to wear show-stopping items of clothing. And for being so bold and taking such risks, we salute you Paul. Just check out this rather special suit he wore to the 2015 Ballon D’or (not Dior) awards:

4. Sergio Ramos

If you’re ever in need of an important goal in the final minute of a game, give big Sergio a call. His ability to keep his cool in pressure situations is rather apt, as Mr. Ramos is one of the coolest guys in world football when it comes to dressing well off the pitch.

Sergio’s probable pair of GS shoes: Embassy Petrol Blue

His beard is like a Viking’s and his hair always pristine, the Real Madrid legend knows how to pull off a suit & sunglasses combo better than Will Smith in Men In Black. Absolute hero:

3. Claudio Marchisio

We’re into the top three and what better way to kick off the medal places than with an Italian. It was a close call between Claudio and his teammate, the man nobody can hate, Gianluigi Buffon. Both men are stylish SOBs, but in the end we felt Claudio’s sartorial efforts were going rather unnoticed. And they shouldn’t be. They really shouldn’t.

Claudio’s probable pair of GS shoes: Mitton Navy

Following Marchisio on Instagram will show that this 30 year-old Juventus star knows a thing or two about style. He puts textures and patterns together with reckless abandon and you know what, he absolutely owns it. Take one look at this man and you’ll be reminded why Italian’s are regarded as the most stylish people to walk this earth:

2. Xabi Alonso

He can ping a 70-yard pass directly to foot. We know that, it’s nothing new. But did you also know that his outfit planning is just as precise? The 34 year old Spaniard scraped into the list for our 2017 Ballon Dior awards, as he called time on his glittering career at the end of this season.

Xabi’s probable pair of GS shoes: Gisburn Bordo

Narrowly missing out on the top spot, Alonso doesn’t just win on the pitch (where he has literally won every trophy on offer), he wins at life too. Just look at him, who else could make a leopard print cravat look this cool?…

1. Andrea Pirlo

There was only going to be one winner here wasn’t there? The Italian Maestro himself. He played puppet master in the centre of the field for over 20 years but, like Xabi, is also calling time on his career this season. We are going to miss his beautiful brown locks bouncing around as he nonchalantly jogs past defenders.

Andrea’s probable pair of GS shoes: Whalley Sage Grey

Don’t ask him to defend a corner; he hasn’t got time for that. Ask him to put a free kick away or sit wistfully in a vineyard though, and he’s on it. So that’s our winner and to understand why, let’s just take a few moments to appreciate what makes Pirlo such a god amongst men:

June 05, 2017 — Jack Dyson