We're pushing out a range of inked shoes. What else are we going to write about?

Here are the four reason why you should get a tattoo... 


Let's face it, you're at a party and you spy an interesting tattoo on a girl's arm. You're intrigued. The orange pirate ship balanced on top of a broken wine bottle with Siamese lettering through the middle may look strange but for her, it holds a story she's dying to tell. Thus, tattoos are great conversation starters and an easy way to break the ice. Unfortunately getting an image or gif to demonstrate this point has be almost impossible which is why we've ended up with this incredibly creepy one. 


Getting inked up is a great way to display your individuality without having to speak one word. Tattoos can be both highly creative and personal. That's unless you get "YOUR NAME" tattooed across your arse. That's not creative or personal. Joking aside, where else can you see a living, breathing piece of art? You are what you create and for many, the body is a canvas which is supposed to be used for self-expression. Ok, so the below tattoo is quite extreme but it's undeniably expressive. 


You're seeing a part of a person's personality that you might not otherwise have found out about. For any person who's has decided to get a tattoo, they've hopefully had a long, hard think about what they're going to get and why. They force you to think of what's important. Below is a shot of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) from the TV series Prison Break. In the series, Scofield has his torso tattooed with the blueprints of the prison. That's what's important to him. Breaking out of jail. 


Different cultures around the globe have been tattooing their bodies for centuries. They are used for a whole range of reasons that extend far beyond reminding friends and family that you love City. More and more people are turning to tattoo artists to cover unwanted cancer scars, burns and stretch marks that can transform something painful into something beautiful. 


Many of you may think this is a negative, and that's understandable. The fact that tattoos are permanent are one of the key reasons people are put off by getting one. But think about it, how many things in your life are temporary? Your jobs, your friends, your apartments, your hobbies. A tattoo is one of the few things that will actually stay with you for your entire life. Look at the guy below. Imagine introducing him to your new girlfriend at the family BBQ.

June 09, 2017 — BoosterApps Apps


Footwear manufacturer Goodwin Smith is pleased to announce its partnership with Leeds United Football Club. The collaboration will see the Manchester-based brand kit out the Leeds United first team squad and management with their famous #BuckingGoodShoes. Leeds United will also be offering fans an opportunity to purchase their very own pair of Goodwin Smith shoes on their official club website, with plans in place to roll out their offering in the club shop.

"As a brand, we were excited to hear of Leeds' interest in partnering with us. The club's forward thinking approach to creating a unique retail experience for its fans is something that really appealed to us," says Jack Dyson, Brand Manager at Goodwin Smith. “Our existing GS Club fanbase will already know we like to make the most of our sport partnerships and we’re excited to be supporting the club in their continued push for promotion this season."

Leeds United are currently riding the crest of the play-off wave as they sit in fifth place in the Sky Bet Championship with five games to play and within two points of third place rivals Huddersfield Town.

Mike Peebles, Head of Retail at the club said, "We are pleased to have Goodwin Smith on board as the clubs Official Shoe Partner."

"Not only will the brand be providing stylish footwear for the players to wear with their club suits, we will also be retailing Goodwin Smith products through our online store."

"Supporters will have the chance to get their hands on some really impressive products. To launch the partnership we are offering supporters 20% off the shoes." 

To learn more about the partnership, contact Jack Dyson at 01706 871414 or email,, or visit the website at

About Goodwin Smith 

Goodwin Smith design and manufacture quality footwear and specialise in men's brogues. Established in 2013, Goodwin Smith is located in Lancashire in the heart of the footwear empire - the Rossendale Valley. The brand prides itself on its quality and attention to detail during the process of creating each brogue. 

About Leeds United F. C. 

Leeds United, a.k.a "The Whites", is a professional association football club in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The club was formed in 1919 following the disbanding of Leeds City F.C. by the Football League and took over their Elland Road stadium. They play in the Championship, the second tier of the English football league system.
April 13, 2017 — Jack Dyson


So, you're concerned about being banned from the entering the US. Trump's executive order may hit you hard. You're living life on hold, afraid of the possibility of no more weekend trips to Vegas or jaunts down to Miami to reenact your favourite Scarface scene.

"This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This town like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked..."


Classic Montana. 

In any case, while you're biding your time thinking about "The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" we've put together our top three favourite destinations for when a US president gets to uphold his Muslim ban.



Malaysia has to rank first as the number place to visit if you've been banned from the US. Why? Because it is ranked as the most Muslim-friendly country in the world according to The country is a mishmash of cultures and practises including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and several Chinese religions. However, it is Islam that is recognised as the state's official religion so profiling and discrimination shouldn't factor into your holiday package. Once you land check into one of Kuala Lumpur's affordable five-star hotels before you explore the capital. There is loads to do from sampling the local halal cuisine to visiting the Petronas Towers. 



Spectacular isn't it. That building is the Sagrada Familia - Antoni Gaudí's stunning temple located in the heart of Barcelona. It was started 135 years ago is still being built to this very day. If, after Brexit and the rise of the far right in France, you're under the impression Europe is becoming more and more intolerant, Spain is the holiday destination for you. It was, after all, once conquered by the Arabs. There are loads of Muslim historical cities to check out in Spain from Cordoba to Alhambra. Don't forget to visit Gibraltar, where the Muslim leader Tariq bin Ziyad landed in 711 AD. 


xi'an china

If you've ever fancied like experiencing China, then the city of Xi'an is the place to go. It was the first city in China to be introduced to Islam and still boasts a sizeable Muslim community today. Take a trip to the Muslim Quarter found to the north of the West Street in the city centre. The area, inhabited by over 20,000 Muslims, has around ten mosques including the Great Mosque which is the most famous and popular. However, no trip to Xi'an would be complete without a visit to the Terracotta Warriors. Avoid going at peak times as queues can be a nightmare. 

February 09, 2017 — Simon Edward Smith

One Style Does Not Suit All: Why Manchester City Got It Wrong


It would appear that there is a new trend sweeping through the locker rooms of some top flight football clubs (and no, we aren’t talking about neon green or luminous pink football boots).

We are talking about a phenomenon currently referred to as ‘travelling attire’.

It would seem a select few teams are now dressing in the same clothes off the pitch too.

This is kind of cute if you’re eight-year-old twins, but not so much if you’re professional footballers.

As the Manchester City team swaggered from their coach in matching attire, it became apparent that some of them lacked their trademark finesse when it came to scoring a winning outfit.

Let’s discuss the style penalties that were on show and dish out some red cards Mike Dean style...


Red card – Pep Guardiola

We aren’t messing about here guys. We’ve got straight to it and awarded the manager himself the first sending off. Why? Simply because he’s not a bomber jacket and jeans kind of man.

As the manager, Pep should be standing out from the rest of the players. He should be wearing something slightly more formal – setting a mature example...being that bit more presentable for his media duties.

With total respect, Mr. Guardiola is 45 years old, rapidly thinning on top, and in charge of one of the biggest teams in the world. Put simply, the ‘bomber jacket and trainers’ look doesn’t command the integrity and class this man deserves.

Red Card – Nolito

Even if he scored 50 goals this season, we couldn’t forgive Nolito for these fashion crimes.

In an attempt to stand out from the rest of his teammates (and there’s nothing wrong with standing out, so full credit to him for effort), Nolito has turned up his jeans. In doing so he has triggered a style calamity: wearing that formal tie with those turned up jeans.

What’s worse is that Nolito is 5’ 8”. If you are shorter than average and plan on wearing your shirt tucked in with a high belt, then folding up your jeans is the worst thing you can do. It makes your legs look ... even stubbier.

Lesson learnt: if you’re on the short side, avoid ‘tucking in and turning up’ gents. It’s much like the golden rule many females use: either cleavage or leg, never both.

Yellow card – the entire team

In truth, this whole outfit was poorly executed by the City team.

Some players (Stirling, De Bruyne, Clichy) removed their ties; some players (Arteta) are wearing jumpers; some players are zipped up (Aguero, Stones).

This just makes them look sloppy and on completely different wavelengths – much like their performance against Barcelona.

Speaking of which, if you want to see a team execute ‘travelling attire’ perfectly, have a look at Messi and Co. disembarking their plane in style.



Given the whole list of issues us millennials are dealing with: obsessing over eating healthily, dealing with loneliness, not being able to buy a house or dodging phone calls, you’d think we’d be bonking each other senseless as a distraction…but we’re not. 

A recent American study found that overall, millennials — people born between the early 1980s and 2000 — have fewer sexual partners than baby boomers and those in Generation X, the group immediately preceding them.

Basically, if you’re in your twenties, you’re shagging less that anyone older than you was when they were your age…apart from your grandparent’s age when life was slightly interrupted…by a five-year long world war.   

Perhaps this social trend is something you can associate with, especially if you’re in the midst of a particularly long dry spell.

But all this is strange because when Tinder and Grindr came onto the scene, experts believed that the ease at which people could hook up would encourage more sexual encounters. But they haven’t.

"The nature of communication now is anti-sexual," said associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, Norman Spack. "People are not spending enough time alone just together. There's another gorilla in the room: It's whatever is turned on electronically." Meaning you’re iPhone is actually doing more for you than a living, breathing human being.

On the other hand, some experts believe it’s because better sex education is available at school. Now you know that casual, unprotected sex with strangers may result in you pissing fire for the next week. But more awareness of STI and pregnancy is making millennials more cautious, not turning them on.  

Porn is also widely available too. Why make the effort trying to sleep with a real human when you can blast HD-quality porn round your house…for free. Brilliant.  

The main problem is that social media has given the average millennial too many options to choose from. We all know the feeling. During college you pretty much knew everyone, and they knew you. On an average night out down the local club, you could guarantee to bump into a girl you were working on.

Now we have option overload. There're too many cuties floating around online. And while we’re constantly staring at images of photoshopped selfies, we’re having less real life interactions.

Good news though.

Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University, isn’t worried.

“It’s probably a good thing,” she said. Noting that baby boomers were known not only for free love but also for high divorce rates, she added, “I think [taking it slowly] is going to lead to better first marriages.”

In the end, she predicted, the urge to shag will prevail. “Sex is a powerful drive, and so is romantic love. . . .The sex system is way below the cortex. It’s way below the limbic system,” on a level with thirst and hunger.

“They’ll get to the sex,” she said. “I’m positive of that.”

September 09, 2016 — Jack Dyson



Tan. A word that evokes images of C.J. Parker’s sun-kissed body from the 1990s Baywatch series (no? Just me?). But if, like me, you turn lobster red in the sun, fear not: there are other ways to wear a tan…

Tan (or ‘natural’) leather is traditionally associated with cowboys and the Wild West. Their saddles, holsters and cowboy hats were all made from tan leather; unless you were the bad guy, in which case they were usually black.

But before you go and buy yourself a pair of chaps and stirrups, hold your horses for a second (see what I did there?). The modern-day usage of tan-coloured accessories is far subtler than that.

Give Your Wardrobe a Tan

Unless you’re a lumberjack, builder or hipster, you’ve probably never known the delights of wearing tan leather footwear. In fact, the main reason a lot of men don’t rock the colour tan is down to them not knowing how to wear it.

The first rule to wearing tan is to get the jeans right. Dark blue jeans (straight leg or skinny fit) will accentuate the shoes more so than a lighter colour or bootcut. If you’re wearing tan with a suit, always opt for a blue three-piece. Never wear tan leather shoes with a black suit; unless you’re going for that 1980s, ‘Manhattan stockbroker’ vibe: In which case, fill your boots.


The Devil is in the Detail

If you like to coordinate your clothes to impeccable levels of detail, do it in threes: pair your tan footwear with a tan belt and a brown leather watch. Girls will notice this kind of attention to detail, making you seem a meticulous individual (even if you’re anything but).

Brownie points from your style combinations might just earn you a second date and allow her to overlook your terrible chat-up line.

For a more summery look, a pair of tan suede shoes work well with some cream/white chinos and a polo shirt. Yacht optional.

Oh, and if you do happen to drive a classic convertible, you need a pair of natural leather driving gloves to go with some Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses if you want to channel your inner James Dean.

Change with the Seasons

As a colour, tan can be more versatile than you might think. Pair some tan brogues with pastel-coloured chino shorts for an even cooler summer look (just remember not to wear socks, as this would compromise the entire image).

And when summer starts turning to autumn, just switch up the outfit again. A classic Barbour wax jacket, dark jeans or smart trousers, coupled with a check shirt would all benefit from some tan accessories.

Take colour inspiration from the fallen leaves around you - tan, brown, burgundy are all complimentary colours which ooze class.

Now go forth and rule the land with your newfound knowledge and tan-wearing prowess!


August 19, 2016 — Jack Dyson

Three Trends To Avoid at All Costs This Season


Hello again. Jolly glad you could join us. We’ve mentioned before in our THE 4 WORST EVER MEN'S SHOE TRENDS blog that we’re a club. Never forget that. If you don a pair of Goodwin Smiths then you’re a member. And membership includes all sorts of advice…mainly fashion related. If you need STI guidance, contact your nearest GUM clinic. 

 This week we run down the three fashion trends to avoid at all costs. 


1. Boiler Suits

A go-to item for fans of the unisex, demilitarized zone look. However, for everyone else it’s hard to know if androgyny is your thing or you’re just really into plumbing. Granted, boiler suits may be comfortable but you’ll walk around looking like an extra on a porno. “Hi are you the plumber?” “Yes and I’m here to fix your pipes.” Tend to your wardrobe first.  


The Alternative: Double Denim

2. Bright Orange

Tony the Tiger, Garfield and a fucking oompa loompa; that’s what springs to mind when someone dons an all orange get up. Not that’s there anything wrong with singing riddles running around a giant indoor chocolate garden…Cadbury’s World stag-do. Good times, good times. If you are dying to wear all orange, then move to Holland and get into football. Doelpunt!


The Alternative: Darker Shades


3. Drop Crotch Jeans/Trousers

There’s not much to say about this that can’t be summed up by: ‘Cause if you like the way you look that much, ohhh baby you should go and love yourself.’ The immortal words of drop crotch jeans lover Justin Bieber there. It’s not that I’m having a go at J-Beebs, it’s just hard to take anyone seriously who looks like they could soil themselves at any moment. Here’s proof


The Alternative: Tapered Cuts

April 17, 2016 — Jack Dyson


???by the bullet-proofbear


Calum Best - son to the late great Manchester United midfielder, George - is cementing his role as an official Goodwin Smith brand ambassador after becoming the face of our new SS16 campaign.

 Having watched from the sidelines for the last couple of years, it’s time for him to make his own mark on Goodwin Smith. Tomorrow will see the 35-year-old style icon make his GS debut as he takes part in our secret rooftop shoot in the heart of Manchester.

The GS team will be checking into a luxury penthouse apartment where there’ll be plenty of balloons, beautiful models and bucking good shoes waiting to be unleashed. The campaign theme for the new collection is a fashionable, sophisticated house party with a playful feel and lots of summer time vibes. Mr Best will be a special guest at the party.

Jack Dyson, GS Brand and Marketing Manager offers some insight as to what will be going down and why: “We’re really excited to have Calum involved in this new campaign. Over the last few years he’s been a great supporter of GS, endorsing us, here, there and everywhere he goes. We’ve always been keen to get him doing something more official. The timing couldn’t be better for both parties as we know Calum has a real passion for fashion and footwear. It just made sense.

“We’re always looking for ways to better ourselves as a brand and work with influencers that understand our core values, Calum fits the mould. We specifically look for people that match our GS ethos as we see it being a vital part of the brand’s positioning. It’s important that we work with individuals that have the same mind-set as we do. Working with GS Club members that not only look good but demonstrate an obvious link with the brand’s image is key.

April 13, 2016 — Jack Dyson

8 Things No Man Should Do After 30

???by the bullet-proofbear


1. Stray from a normal hair style. 

Alex Ferguson wouldn’t stand for any ridiculous hairstyles. Be a team player and don’t let the GS Club down. 


2. Don your team’s colours (wear a football shirt).

Unless you’re actually going to play in a game or you’re part of a firm then save your footy shirt for the stand. 

3. Brag about those GCSE (or A Level) results you got in your teens. 

Three A’s in Triple Science screams you didn’t get laid until freshers’ week… where you scored only Es. No that’s ridiculous.


4. Skimp on your footwear. 

Unless you’re racking up some serious mileage on a daily basis then you’ve no excuse. Taxi drivers you’re not off the hook.  


5. Pretend you’re into hip-hop. 

The only song that’s permissible is: “I said a hip hop, the hippie, hippie, to the hip, hip hop, and you don’t stop, a rock it…” That or “Straight outta Compton, crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube.” 


6. Queuing to get into a club. 

Face it, at your age, you’d feel like you’re taking a group of students on an outing. Remember; don’t show your ID – the big bald man will chuckle.  


7. Pop the collar of your polo shirt. 

You’re not an extra on Green Street. You “staaand your graaaound and fight”…if you want a criminal record. You’re too old for an ASBO. 


8.Sleep with the office intern. 

Hopefully, you’re aware of the saying: don’t shit where you eat. Who on earth would shit where they eat? You’re better than that.

April 09, 2016 — Jack Dyson



Here at Goodwin Smith we always have your back. As the head of the GS Club we won't allow any of our members to strut around the jungle looking like a dishevelled baboon. We're aiming to send out well-heeled lions. Yes, you're one of them. With that in mind we've identified the four worse ever men's shoe trends. We've gone one further too, by providing alternatives to the fashion faux pas you may be currently sporting.



The last person to pull off wicklepickers was Keith Richards, and he’s long since kicked the habit. These pointy boots were a favourite of 1960s rock ‘n’ roll stars who were presumably unaware Russell Brand would take up the trend 50 years later. If you’re not one half of the Mighty Boosh or a Shoreditch local then give it up. You can still read your French Symbolist poetry. Stop prancing around like a Dickensian child-snatcher and slip into a pair of round toes instead.




Newline Black Brogue Shoes, available at Goodwin Smith, priced £95.



The fashion world’s crème brûlée and by that we mean these boots can either look phenomenal or let’s be honest…shit. Fashion like with food isn’t just a matter of personal taste, you either have it or you don’t. Undone biker boots are a strong statement piece, which exude power and authority but be wary though, they can end up wearing you rather than you wearing them. Yes, life is all about taking risks – YOLO - but not with what you put on your feet. If you’re gunning for boots then try a pair of Chelsea’s instead.




Baldwin Black Chelsea Boots, available at Goodwin Smith, priced £75 (sale).




The only people that can pull off cowboy boots are Quentin Tarantino characters and actual cowboys. If you’re either Mr. White, Mr. Orange, or Mr. “Was that as good for you as it was for me?” Blonde, then sorry, you’re not welcome here. In addition, unless you hail from a country where a random yeehaw wouldn’t cause a raised eyebrow then steer clear. There can’t be anything more cringe worthy than leaving your hogtying boots at the door when you’re visiting the girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Make a strong first impression with a classic brogue boot instead.




Lumb Tan Brogue Boots, available at Goodwin Smith, priced £94 (sale).



Remember when George Bush had no less than two shoes launched at him by an Iraqi journalist back in 2008? Bush sure was swift with his dodges. If you study the footage carefully you’ll notice the man throwing square-toed shoes. Clearly he had the sudden realisation that they make a superb throwing implement rather than a fashion item. Granted it wasn’t the best time to test the theory but he did get some cracking momentum. Throw any square-toed shoes in the bin or at world leaders. The choice is yours. Replace them with round-toed Oxfords for your incarceration.




Osborne Brown Derby Shoes, available at Goodwin Smith, priced £90.

April 03, 2016 — Jack Dyson

Goodwin Smith Making Waves With New Signing

This month Goodwin Smith welcomes another addition to its fold, okay fold is a little too biblical...let's stick with club. Twenty-four-year-old Jack Alexander Harry Dyson comes on-board as Brand/Marketing Manager.


Why? Because Goodwin Smith is expanding faster than a bullied kid who's taken up roids, and second because when it comes to all things fashion, branding and social media, Jack's the guy. Over to you Jack.


"My role at Goodwin Smith will be a fluid position which will see me immersing myself in all aspects of the brand. You have to know how everything else works beyond marketing in order to generate the best results."  


Like Jerry 'you had me at hello' Maguire he too has a mission statement: to turn Goodwin Smith into a 24/7 social fashion brand. 

Jack's Snaps

Jack added:

"In the last 12 months Goodwin Smith has been breaking down that barrier that exists, traditionally, between the customer and the brand and really try and engage with each individual through their purchase and beyond. With social media particularly you have the ability to be a little bit more playful with how you market your product. For me it’s all about real-time marketing, you need to be where the party is.”  


He wants GS customers to be able to “Call on us whenever they need anything, making buying a very personal experience.” 


Jack believes “Large brands get lost in the hysteria. You buy from them then they keep you at a distance, but you’ve got to interact and continue to add value, even after the purchase is made. We’re selling a lifestyle.


He's a totally self-taught student of social media. Buy him a vodka cranberry and he'll tell you about his very own 40-40-20 marketing formula. He's the kind of guy that will instinctively scream NOW! when the perfect time to post a picture arrives. Trust me, he’s done it.  


He knows that "there’s no such thing as a ‘guru’ in the industry as social media is an ever changing, evolving, environment…We're always learning." 


Well, there you have it...for now.


Also, Jack has a beard and is a size 9 (shoe). His favourite colour is black and when asked what his favourite animal is, he replied, "I'm an asthmatic. I do like zoo animals though." Legend has it that if you whisper into the sole of your sole, he'll whisper back. It only works with these GS though.



March 21, 2016 — Jack Dyson

#BuckingGoodShoes Bound For The White House

We know our shoes end up in some very interesting places, but this week they will be taking a very special journey, across the pond, to Washington D.C. To a little ol' building called The White House.


Two of our GS Club members - Irish cousins Henry Healy and Billy Hayes - are heading to Washington D.C. to attend the St. Patrick's day function at the White House. Whilst there they will meet President Barack Obama.

We are always intrigued by the stories of our GS members but this one got us really excited. A once in a lifetime trip we thought - not the case - it will be Henry's 6th visit to the White House.


When Obama traced his roots back to Ireland in 2008 he discovered Henry to be his 8th cousin. Barack came to Ireland in 2011 to visit his ancestral home of Moneygall and Henry greeted him and gave him a guided tour. The pair have built up a friendship ever since and even shared a few pints of Guinness in downtown Washington.


Though Billy met the President five years ago in Ireland, it will be his very first visit to the White House.


When we heard the story we knew these guys had to be GS ambassadors. I mean drinking pints of Guinness with the president and going to visit him on St. Patrick's day - that's the kind of stuff that makes a GS legend, forget ambassador.


We wanted to make sure the guys stole the show in the White House and so we’ve hooked them up with the best of our SS16 collection for the trip.

Billy also picked up a pair of Healey Navy Derby shoes in a size 12 (we think this is the President's size) pictured above. He’s hoping to give these to Mr. Obama - after all it would be rude to go to someone's house and not give them a gift.


Could Obama join them in the GS club this week? Follow the guys trip via our social channels on Twitter and Instagram this week too see their journey!


Peace. x

March 15, 2016 — Jack Dyson