Good news for all those that suffer both from hayfever and enjoy a drink. Pretty much everyone then.

Gin may have another use other than helping divorcees get over a crippling breakup. 

Allergy experts have deemed it the best alcohol to swig if you're a sufferer of hayfever. But before you go rushing off to the bar for your "medicine", keep reading. 

Drinking any alcohol is actually proven to worsen symptoms of hay fever and asthma, like sneezing and itchy eyes, because of its histamine content – produced during the fermentation process and responsible for setting off allergy reactions.

But here's where the gin comes in... 

According to charity Asthma UK, clear spirits like gin and vodka are “better options” as they’re “very low in histamines”.

Gin also doesn’t contain any sulphites – another group of compounds known to provoke asthma and other allergy-like symptoms.

Some beverages hayfever sufferers should stay clear from include red wine and beer as they're both typically high in histamines. White wine and cider tend to have a high level of sulphites. 

And it's not just alcohol that can set off your hayfever. Watch out for certain foods too. Foods like vinegar, cured meats, dried fruit, most citrus fruits, aged cheese, and – prepare yourselves – avocados are also high in histamines. 

So there you have it. The lesson to take from this is any type of alcohol isn't great for hayfever sufferers. If you are going to drink, a gin and tonic or vodka and soda is the best option. 

July 03, 2017 — Jack Dyson

One Style Does Not Suit All: Why Manchester City Got It Wrong


It would appear that there is a new trend sweeping through the locker rooms of some top flight football clubs (and no, we aren’t talking about neon green or luminous pink football boots).

We are talking about a phenomenon currently referred to as ‘travelling attire’.

It would seem a select few teams are now dressing in the same clothes off the pitch too.

This is kind of cute if you’re eight-year-old twins, but not so much if you’re professional footballers.

As the Manchester City team swaggered from their coach in matching attire, it became apparent that some of them lacked their trademark finesse when it came to scoring a winning outfit.

Let’s discuss the style penalties that were on show and dish out some red cards Mike Dean style...


Red card – Pep Guardiola

We aren’t messing about here guys. We’ve got straight to it and awarded the manager himself the first sending off. Why? Simply because he’s not a bomber jacket and jeans kind of man.

As the manager, Pep should be standing out from the rest of the players. He should be wearing something slightly more formal – setting a mature example...being that bit more presentable for his media duties.

With total respect, Mr. Guardiola is 45 years old, rapidly thinning on top, and in charge of one of the biggest teams in the world. Put simply, the ‘bomber jacket and trainers’ look doesn’t command the integrity and class this man deserves.

Red Card – Nolito

Even if he scored 50 goals this season, we couldn’t forgive Nolito for these fashion crimes.

In an attempt to stand out from the rest of his teammates (and there’s nothing wrong with standing out, so full credit to him for effort), Nolito has turned up his jeans. In doing so he has triggered a style calamity: wearing that formal tie with those turned up jeans.

What’s worse is that Nolito is 5’ 8”. If you are shorter than average and plan on wearing your shirt tucked in with a high belt, then folding up your jeans is the worst thing you can do. It makes your legs look ... even stubbier.

Lesson learnt: if you’re on the short side, avoid ‘tucking in and turning up’ gents. It’s much like the golden rule many females use: either cleavage or leg, never both.

Yellow card – the entire team

In truth, this whole outfit was poorly executed by the City team.

Some players (Stirling, De Bruyne, Clichy) removed their ties; some players (Arteta) are wearing jumpers; some players are zipped up (Aguero, Stones).

This just makes them look sloppy and on completely different wavelengths – much like their performance against Barcelona.

Speaking of which, if you want to see a team execute ‘travelling attire’ perfectly, have a look at Messi and Co. disembarking their plane in style.

Has Peaky Blinders made flat caps cool again?


People care what they look like now more than ever. The 21st century may have bought some questionable fashion trends for us to feast on, but the goal for all of them – believe it or not – has been the same – to look good.

Whilst many of us try our utmost to look our best on every occasion, sometimes we can all be guilty of falling short. Because of this many have at least one celebrity they dream of looking like, but we don’t all have the time (read: can be bothered) to spend hours in the gym to get abs which grate cheese like Zac Efron’s.

Irishman Cillian Murphy is a name on that list for some due to his current role as the main protagonist in the BBC’s hit show Peaky Blinders. For those unaware of the series, it’s a 1920s gangster drama set in Birmingham, so there is the downside of having to endure the drone of the Midlands accent for 60 minutes a week.

However, one allure of the programme is the fashion, with most of the cast adorning three piece suits. Stretching from pinstripe to tweed, it’s clear every character has an arsenal of ensembles to maximise their look, with accessories such as pocket squares, braces, caps and pocket watches refining the 1920s suave

Therefore, the closest we can come to looking like our rich, celebrity counterparts is to dress like them. Despite this, fashion has evolved since the 1920s, so we’re not suggesting you stroll into work tomorrow in a tweed three piece suit. Not only will you exert more sweat than a Scotsman in Spain, you’ll also be looked at like a maniac.

Nonetheless, there can be a more subtle way of going about this, and people seem to be doing so as flat caps appear to be on the steady increase both in public and on shop shelves.

Now, we’d like to clear something up. When we speak of flap caps we aren’t referring to the ones skateboarders wear backwards or teenagers have with an American sporting franchise on the front. Think Only Fools and Horses not Kidulthood.

Technically speaking the caps that appear in Peaky Blinders are news boy caps, not flat caps, but you can be forgiven for getting the two confused as they carry a similar appearance. However, when adding them to your outfit it must be done delicately.

News boy caps are much more difficult to master and tend to flatter darker clothes. However, flat caps are far more flexible and can be worn more nonchalantly. If you’re aiming for the Peaky Blinders look, grab yourself a tweed one which is a couple of shades off from whatever is on your torso.

Flat caps used to be reserved for people from Bristol and farmers, but now there appears to be a change. So go out there and channel your inner Thomas Shelby, but just try not to start any family wars or illegal gambling pitches, it may reflect badly on us.

October 19, 2016 — Jack Dyson



Tan. A word that evokes images of C.J. Parker’s sun-kissed body from the 1990s Baywatch series (no? Just me?). But if, like me, you turn lobster red in the sun, fear not: there are other ways to wear a tan…

Tan (or ‘natural’) leather is traditionally associated with cowboys and the Wild West. Their saddles, holsters and cowboy hats were all made from tan leather; unless you were the bad guy, in which case they were usually black.

But before you go and buy yourself a pair of chaps and stirrups, hold your horses for a second (see what I did there?). The modern-day usage of tan-coloured accessories is far subtler than that.

Give Your Wardrobe a Tan

Unless you’re a lumberjack, builder or hipster, you’ve probably never known the delights of wearing tan leather footwear. In fact, the main reason a lot of men don’t rock the colour tan is down to them not knowing how to wear it.

The first rule to wearing tan is to get the jeans right. Dark blue jeans (straight leg or skinny fit) will accentuate the shoes more so than a lighter colour or bootcut. If you’re wearing tan with a suit, always opt for a blue three-piece. Never wear tan leather shoes with a black suit; unless you’re going for that 1980s, ‘Manhattan stockbroker’ vibe: In which case, fill your boots.


The Devil is in the Detail

If you like to coordinate your clothes to impeccable levels of detail, do it in threes: pair your tan footwear with a tan belt and a brown leather watch. Girls will notice this kind of attention to detail, making you seem a meticulous individual (even if you’re anything but).

Brownie points from your style combinations might just earn you a second date and allow her to overlook your terrible chat-up line.

For a more summery look, a pair of tan suede shoes work well with some cream/white chinos and a polo shirt. Yacht optional.

Oh, and if you do happen to drive a classic convertible, you need a pair of natural leather driving gloves to go with some Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses if you want to channel your inner James Dean.

Change with the Seasons

As a colour, tan can be more versatile than you might think. Pair some tan brogues with pastel-coloured chino shorts for an even cooler summer look (just remember not to wear socks, as this would compromise the entire image).

And when summer starts turning to autumn, just switch up the outfit again. A classic Barbour wax jacket, dark jeans or smart trousers, coupled with a check shirt would all benefit from some tan accessories.

Take colour inspiration from the fallen leaves around you - tan, brown, burgundy are all complimentary colours which ooze class.

Now go forth and rule the land with your newfound knowledge and tan-wearing prowess!


August 19, 2016 — Jack Dyson



Italia, a place famous for its style, scandals and stunning women. Just like GSHQ. Hey, how you doin'?

The average Italian gent is cool to the point of envy. He sweats coolness…and chilled Martini.

We all dream of having a little Italian in us.

In fact, every Friday night, our head designer Matt Windmill has a saucy Italian in him…a tomato garlic bread you dirty devil. Jk. Lol. Lmao.

Jokes aside and Italian fashion has that ‘sprezzatura’ or ‘studied carelessness’ that won’t trump your GS game but simply add to it.

We spoke to our 24/7 on-call Roma native, Cassius de Matteo, on how to Italia yourself. He told us… 



As casual as they are about corruption, the Italians are the same about wearing sunglasses. There’s no: “Take off your Luxotticas son, you’re inside you pillock.” Sunny or cloudy, indoor or outdoor, exercising or sleeping there’s no wrong time to don shades.

If you’ve no idea what shape to go for then play it safe by going M.J. That means sticking to aviators as anyone can pull them off, apart from Usher or Simon Cowell. 



Normally, we don’t advocate smoking. No one even vapes in this office I tell ya.

But if you want to pull off the full Italian image, then you’d do well to sit outside a café (not Starbucks or a McCafé) with a shot of an espresso and a lit cigarette dangling casually from one corner of your mouth. To add an extra layer of authenticity to the image, look like you don’t give a shit. You talkin’ to me?

But, what if there are no cafés near me we hear you ask. Not to worry as a key element of Italian style is the pose. From Milan to Mount Stromboli the streets of Italia are filled with men who know how to stand.

Read that carefully. Stand, not loiter. See picture for full details.



Finally, colour is your friend.

Get rid of the image in your mind of Italians only wearing Dolce and Gabbana suits. It’s not the 1960s and you’re not in a Fellini movie.

The trick is to opt for a bold statement colour that best compliments your skin tone, a sky blue or even a fuchsia pink (if you can pull it off), and work more traditional muted colours around it.


August 05, 2016 — Jack Dyson


If you read this blog, you’ll become cool over night. That’s a guarantee. Well, that’s the aim at least. Think of this blog as that single dose of Azithromycin for the Chlamydia you’re nursing - one 250mg dose down your neck and the next day you’re a new man. This blog is your antibiotic. Open wide.

1. Invest In Pieces That Will Always Be In Style

Sure, trends are great but style never goes out of fashion. Meaning make sure there are items in your collection that are timeless and transcend seasons - we’re thinking a good quality pair of brown brogues, a well-fitted navy suit and a few crisp white shirts. There are, of course, the odd items that are applicable to specific seasons and can be whipped out when the weather permits.

2. Don’t skimp on the parts under the hood

The hood is, of course, your clothing and the parts your underwear – what the hell were you thinking?! Your kecks should never be stained with sweat, shit or s…, you get the picture – you wouldn’t wear a shirt to the office with those three offences on it, would you. Quality underpants give you a boost of confidence so treat them with the same love and care as would your favourite brogues – polished and left by your partner’s door?

3. Don’t be a stranger to your barber

Even if you’re coming over just a tad over the sides, you’ll go from Mad Men to mad man very quickly in the eyes of your peers. That means building up a solid relationship with a decent barber and popping in to see him every six weeks. Cancel important doctor’s appointments if necessary to honour the booking.

4. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

This may seem marginally effeminate and anal but getting your shit together the night before will save bags of time the following morning. As a plus, it will assure that your outfit looks well thought out and not assembled by the Mad Hatter on crack. Preparation is especially key when you’re going away, unless you’re going to Thailand in which case you’ll need flip-flops, a bong and a pair of Rays.

5. Embrace

In the end, it all comes down to actually giving a shit about the way you look. You have to want style and nurture it like a rare exotic plant. Take care in tending to it and enjoying the process of watching it develop over time. Unless you revel in the moments you spend working on yourself, you might as well give up and let that flower wither and die. What a strong ending to a blog.


June 09, 2016 — Jack Dyson

Three Trends To Avoid at All Costs This Season


Hello again. Jolly glad you could join us. We’ve mentioned before in our THE 4 WORST EVER MEN'S SHOE TRENDS blog that we’re a club. Never forget that. If you don a pair of Goodwin Smiths then you’re a member. And membership includes all sorts of advice…mainly fashion related. If you need STI guidance, contact your nearest GUM clinic. 

 This week we run down the three fashion trends to avoid at all costs. 


1. Boiler Suits

A go-to item for fans of the unisex, demilitarized zone look. However, for everyone else it’s hard to know if androgyny is your thing or you’re just really into plumbing. Granted, boiler suits may be comfortable but you’ll walk around looking like an extra on a porno. “Hi are you the plumber?” “Yes and I’m here to fix your pipes.” Tend to your wardrobe first.  


The Alternative: Double Denim

2. Bright Orange

Tony the Tiger, Garfield and a fucking oompa loompa; that’s what springs to mind when someone dons an all orange get up. Not that’s there anything wrong with singing riddles running around a giant indoor chocolate garden…Cadbury’s World stag-do. Good times, good times. If you are dying to wear all orange, then move to Holland and get into football. Doelpunt!


The Alternative: Darker Shades


3. Drop Crotch Jeans/Trousers

There’s not much to say about this that can’t be summed up by: ‘Cause if you like the way you look that much, ohhh baby you should go and love yourself.’ The immortal words of drop crotch jeans lover Justin Bieber there. It’s not that I’m having a go at J-Beebs, it’s just hard to take anyone seriously who looks like they could soil themselves at any moment. Here’s proof


The Alternative: Tapered Cuts

April 17, 2016 — Jack Dyson