First impressions can only be made once … unless you have a time machine or immediate access to a parallel universe vortex. Since both of these things are pretty hard to get hold of, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on making good impressions when you take a hot girl out.

From flossing to footwear, check out our essential first date survival guide below…


1. The importance of shoes

Woah, don’t roll your eyes like that! We know this looks like a shameless plug (did you know we sell shoes?), but stay with us. As biased as we may seem, the stats speak for themselves with this one.

Allen Edmonds conducted a large-scale survey on thousands of women about men's shoes only a couple of years ago. Just take a look at these results …  

  • 64% of women judge a man’s fashion sense based on his shoes.
  • 52% of women say they judge a man’s personality by his shoes.
  • 36% say they use shoes to determine a man’s financial position.
  • 54% say men’s shoes reflect a guy’s attention to detail.

Getting first date shoes right needn’t be a worry though. While we (hopefully) don’t need to tell you to avoid Crocs or cowboy boots, there are plenty of styles out there to give the right first impression.

Our advice would be to go understated for a first date - avoid bold colours or anything a bit ‘out there’. While this strategy could work, it’s more likely to make you stand out for the wrong reasons and seem as though you’re compensating for something. So save those showstoppers for the second date.

The Goodwin Smith Editor’s choice: For a first date, the Harwood Tan is a great choice. It’s traditional enough to show you appreciate old school (romance, chivalry, manners), but stylish enough to suggest you’ve got an interesting personality beyond that. They don’t scream to get noticed, they merely exist with ice cool humility.


2. Personal hygiene is paramount

This isn’t exactly a thing that will make you ‘irresistible’ to a girl if you do it, but rather make you repulsive if you don’t. In fact, 80% of single people surveyed said that bad personal hygiene is one of the single biggest turn offs there can be.

Anything from bad breath, body odour or greasy hair constitutes cleanliness issues - so get some mints, use deodorant, and for heaven’s sake wash your hair.

toiletry bag

Top tip: flossing and using mouthwash will remove 37% more breath odour than simply cleaning your teeth. If you plan on kissing the lass at the end of the night then this figure becomes rather important doesn’t it?


3. Manners cost nothing

Last but certainly not least, we have basic human manners. We aren’t talking about lying down in a puddle while she walks over you to keep her feet dry. Just the simple ‘please’, ‘thanks’ and opening of doors. Taking the jacket from a woman when entering a bar or restaurant should come naturally to you, as well as pulling a chair out for her.

Of course not every girl likes this, as it could make them feel a little awkward. But by showing willing and courtesy, she at least knows that your mother raised you correctly.

The key takeaway: being polite and nice to her is one thing. But your true colours are shown with how you treat other people. Snapping your fingers at waiters and talking down to others won’t do you any favours. Of course, if you’re a genuinely nice person, this isn’t an issue anyway.


September 05, 2017 — BoosterApps Apps