Written by Jon Clarke

Guiding the national team to their first World Cup semi-final since 1990 has already given Gareth Southgate immortality among England football fans. His calming approach, consummate professionalism, and undeniable influence over the last couple of weeks have definitely earned him some new admirers - but there’s one other (perhaps unexpected) element to the Gaffer’s game that’s stole headlines: his style choices.

Now, first of all, we know he’s never going to be a Beckham or Pirlo when it comes to fashion. But something Gareth has pushed back into the style spotlight is how to wear a waistcoat with class. Could this overlooked garment be the secret to our success? Probably not, but we take a look at why he does it so well...


Get the waistcoat look of Gareth Southgate

First of all, it’s worth noting that the fit of his waistcoat is just right. Of course, we’d expect nothing less from a man in his position and with his wealth. But just take a look at this…

Gareth Southgate

James Bond eat your heart out: England's saviour of football dons his trademark waistcoat with style.


The first style step he’s navigated is keeping the bottom button undone. This is generally regarded as a sartorial standard, particularly with waistcoats and suits. Plus it eases the strain around your midriff when seated, as well as preventing those crease lines of an overly tight fit. Nobody wants that look.

You’ll also notice that he’s kept things simple. His shirt colour is an inoffensive powder blue and his tie is the Official FA pure silk tie, produced by the M&S Autograph range. The art to going jacket-less when wearing a waistcoat is to keep the look simple. A bright or patterned shirt would be enough to undermine the tranquil, humble atmosphere he’s created in the England camp.

That’s right, we 100% believe you are what you wear, and Southgate’s outfit choices perfectly reflect his personality.

The last part of his ensemble is perhaps closest to our hearts, and one we believe is crucial to wearing an outfit well. His footwear. This attacking England team hasn’t been afraid to break any national team preconceptions - and neither has Gareth with his footwear choices. We’ve been playing close attention to what’s on his feet and we can conclude that he likes to mix up the colour between dark brown and black.

Celebrating Southgate

Redemption: Southgate celebrates Englands victory over Colombia in one of the most iconic images of the World Cup so far.


Black shoes with a blue suit are generally considered an own goal in fashion. How many times do we see the advice, ‘blue suit, brown shoes’? Well we happen to think he’s wearing the black shoes rather well with the suit in question. Sometimes rules are made to be broken.

We also happen to know that England score an average of 1.25 goals more in the matches they play when he’s prowling the touchline in black shoes.

If you’re looking for a pair of black shoes that ooze the simplistic elegance of Southgate’s, you could do worse than to check out our timeless Westminster Black Oxford shoe.

Westminster Black

We’d just like to take this opportunity to ask a very important question to our loyal readers. Is football coming home?

July 11, 2018 — Bonnie Jackson