As a child we all took footwear for granted; it was either plimsolls, football boots or school shoes.

Running around in Power Rangers-themed socks aged three we’d never think that they’d become an important part of our wardrobe. Whether it’s a colourway which compliments or simply abandoning them altogether, socks can make a statement.

However, there are a few sock rules that must be followed. If you’re unaware of these then get yourself familiar with them to avoid making a fashion faux pas and becoming an unwanted sight for your friends and potential partners.

The 3 Commandments

  • “Thirty quid a match, mate”– sliders and socks have become a common eyesore among wannabe sportsmen. Semi-professional footballers love extending their sports socks to full length while strolling around in flip-flops. Don’t join in, for your sake and for the good of mankind.


  • You’re not German – socks with sandals, who started this idea? Not too many people are careless enough to bear sandals in public now, thankfully, but believe it or not some people want to have their cake and eat by doing the unthinkable…no, no, no.


  • Shorts – the sun comes out, people get excited and just run outside without thinking, we understand. However, more often than not, socks can ruin your summer look. No-show socks are a smart way to ensure you bring hygiene and quality to the summer months.


You’ve remembered the commandments, great. This is where the application comes in.

Avoiding an error is easy, but mastering your look with attention to detail is a trait that sets you apart from the crowd. Hopefully, you’ll catch the eye of the girl across the room you haven’t plucked up the courage to approach.

If you’re going with formal shoes in either tan or black aim for pastel coloured socks. Bright socks can make a huge difference in a neutral outfit. Don’t get too hung up on hoops, stripes or polka dots, because this isn’t what’s defining your look – go loud or go home.

When you need to be cautious is when you’re donning colours that aren’t as flexible, such as a royal blue suit. It’s vital to think about the colour of your trousers too, and obviously bright blue socks wouldn’t compliment this. Grab yourself a colour wheel and you can’t go wrong – remember: opposites attract.

However, if you’re mixing formal wear with boat shoes or loafers, then it’s best to stick with bare feet. While you may have to sacrifice comfort, it’ll certainly pay dividends to your style.

Now you have no excuse to ruin your look with any rookie errors. Go out there and don whichever footwear you choose, safe in the knowledge you’re doing it in style.

September 08, 2016 — Jack Dyson