The plimsoll. For many, the defining shoe of their childhood. PE lessons would never have been the same without that rubber, uncomfortable item wrapped painfully around your foot. And at the end of each week, they took you to the Codfather on corner at lightning speed for that all important chippy tea.

Crucially, however, they lasted. Your Tamagotchi may have died, your Yo-yo snapped and your woman gone (you were 7) but your plimsolls never let you down. 

Men understand this, and so do fashion designers. Plimsolls are back. 

Take a stroll outside on your lunch break and see for yourself. Men wear plimsolls like they're going out of style. And it's not just the wannabe hipsters, wannabe designers, wannabe coffee experts that have appropriated the item but high ranking bankers and hedge fund managers too. It's cool to look casual when you're really really trendy...and wealthy. 

But it's no surprise that the modern gent has turned to the casual for class. Looking like you're a banker from the 1920s may add a certain weight and sophistication to your look but it's a ballache to carry off. 

Goodwin Smith style guru, Jack Dyson, says, "The working environment is a lot more relaxed than it once was so most guys don't have to go suited and booted to the office every day to make an impact. The modern man wants a look that will get him through from 8 to 8...and the rest." Enter the pimped up plimsoll. 

Plimsolls are best partnered with jeans. Stay current and stick with skinny jeans or buck the trend and wear a tapered pair turned up at the ankle. As long as they're not bright pink or dark yellow pretty much any colour and cut of jeans will compliment your plimsolls. It's simple. Skinny styles will help show off your footwear whereas a wider fit presents a more casual and cool look. 








June 16, 2017 — Jack Dyson