Without a doubt the best city I’ve ever visited, Barcelona has it all - great food, great drinks and great people. It’s also blessed with wonderful beaches, markets, seas and just about any other cool thing you could possibly think of.


What to do in Barcelona

You’re not gonna be short on things to do in Barcelona, you can always jump on the tour bus, head round Gaudi’s park or take a trip up to the Sagrada Familia. But you want something a little bit different don’t you? You culture vulture, you! Luckily, I’ve got you covered. I went out to Barcelona rocking my Goodwin Smith’s in order to test drive the Catalonian capital.


There’s markets aplenty in Barca but you need to visit La Boqueria market just off Las Ramblas. This market is the one stop shop for basically anything food or drink related. There’s mountains of sweets, fresh fruits, wine and even *deep friend burritos* (which I may have invested in one too many times).



Famous for its architecture, the streets of Barcelona will leave you speechless.


Sunbathe (with a twist)

Yeah, sunbathing is cool, but have you ever been lying on a beach while getting a massage and having mojitos on tap? That’s Barcelona for you. Set yourself up on a beach towel, get comfortable and within 30 seconds you’ll have people offering you drinks, massages and even beach umbrellas for a little bit of shade if that’s your thing.

Get lost

Without sounding too #wanderlust-y, getting lost in Barcelona was one of the best things I did during the trip. Walk through the back streets and you’re surrounded by authentic Barcelona, you can find yourself some back alley bars, restaurants and a multitude of weird and wonderful shops.


What to eat in Barcelona

My favourite thing to do in England and believe it or not, my favourite thing to do in Barcelona too. Going to Barca and not eating like a king is like going to the cinema and not buying an ice blast.


If your first stop in Barcelona isn’t a tapas indulgence, did you even go? Try El Nacional for the best tapas in town. This place is the most unique gaff you’ll see for a while - it’s a huge collection of high-end restaurants inside an converted 1920’s building. Doesn’t sound too great when I describe it like that but trust me. It is.


Look at that! Another stereotype! Seriously though, paella over here is on the next level to that frozen Tesco meal deal gear you’ve been scoffing on a Sunday night. Get a huge pan to share (or wolf on your lonesome) and enjoy seafood, chicken, veg - or all of the above, in one of the best meals you’re likely to ever have in your life. Try port vell for a selection of some of the best seafront delights money can buy.


Barcelona food

Now that's a proper continental breakfast.


Vegan (!?)

Barcelona has an exceptional vegan selection for those who have opted to swerve the animal products. However, even if you are still bang into your beef, I’d fully recommend trying out the restaurant ‘Flax & Kale’ for a breakfast. You might even go back again the next day like I did. They have some crazy stuff on the menu (think blue algae coconut yoghurt) but it’s seriously good eatin’. You’re on your jollies - why not?


What to drink in Barcelona

You’ll more than likely do a fair bit of this so heed my advice young man.


Without sounding like a huge stereotype throwing madman, sangria is all you’re going to want to drink when you’re in the ‘lona. Well at least I did…


Sam Crawford

Sam proudly shows off his Miami sliders and Mk I of the Ripley Grey brogue.


You could sample their huge selection of beers, wines and spirits but why would you do that when you could be throwing back a hefty jug of the good stuff? They serve sangria everywhere - and with good reason. This stuff is the elixir, please drink it. And er, drink responsibly, etc. Barcelona - it’s the place to be. Book yourself a flight and enjoy everything the Catalans can offer.

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September 28, 2018 — Bonnie Jackson