It would appear that there is a new trend sweeping through the locker rooms of some top flight football clubs (and no, we aren’t talking about neon green or luminous pink football boots).

We are talking about a phenomenon currently referred to as ‘travelling attire’.

It would seem a select few teams are now dressing in the same clothes off the pitch too.

This is kind of cute if you’re eight-year-old twins, but not so much if you’re professional footballers.

As the Manchester City team swaggered from their coach in matching attire, it became apparent that some of them lacked their trademark finesse when it came to scoring a winning outfit.

Let’s discuss the style penalties that were on show and dish out some red cards Mike Dean style...


Red card – Pep Guardiola

We aren’t messing about here guys. We’ve got straight to it and awarded the manager himself the first sending off. Why? Simply because he’s not a bomber jacket and jeans kind of man.

As the manager, Pep should be standing out from the rest of the players. He should be wearing something slightly more formal – setting a mature example...being that bit more presentable for his media duties.

With total respect, Mr. Guardiola is 45 years old, rapidly thinning on top, and in charge of one of the biggest teams in the world. Put simply, the ‘bomber jacket and trainers’ look doesn’t command the integrity and class this man deserves.

Red Card – Nolito

Even if he scored 50 goals this season, we couldn’t forgive Nolito for these fashion crimes.

In an attempt to stand out from the rest of his teammates (and there’s nothing wrong with standing out, so full credit to him for effort), Nolito has turned up his jeans. In doing so he has triggered a style calamity: wearing that formal tie with those turned up jeans.

What’s worse is that Nolito is 5’ 8”. If you are shorter than average and plan on wearing your shirt tucked in with a high belt, then folding up your jeans is the worst thing you can do. It makes your legs look ... even stubbier.

Lesson learnt: if you’re on the short side, avoid ‘tucking in and turning up’ gents. It’s much like the golden rule many females use: either cleavage or leg, never both.

Yellow card – the entire team

In truth, this whole outfit was poorly executed by the City team.

Some players (Stirling, De Bruyne, Clichy) removed their ties; some players (Arteta) are wearing jumpers; some players are zipped up (Aguero, Stones).

This just makes them look sloppy and on completely different wavelengths – much like their performance against Barcelona.

Speaking of which, if you want to see a team execute ‘travelling attire’ perfectly, have a look at Messi and Co. disembarking their plane in style.