Tough subject this one. While something as individual as style should never be universally measured, there tends to be a consensus that certain things shouldn’t be worn when you reach the big 4-0. Of course there’s always someone who bucks this trend (show us an item of clothing Becks couldn’t pull off) but, for the sake of this article, we’re talking about the average man.

So what items of clothing should you cull from your wardrobe as you enter your 5th decade on the planet? Well we asked a number of hot women what their thoughts were, and they gave us their top three worst offenders. Men, take note …


  • 1. Football Jerseys / Sportswear

  • This featured as the first answer on many of the girl’s lips. They weren’t big fans of football tops altogether, but particularly disliked older men in football jerseys. This opinion spanned to sportswear in general (yes including hoodies and jogging pants). They said the only acceptable time to wear such stuff is in the gym or in a very dark room where nobody can see you. Bit harsh ladies.

    But wait ... 

    Before you start sobbing into your vintage collection of Kappa shirts from the 90s, we aren’t saying get rid of them. Instead, wear your football tops around the house, like a lounging top. Just avoid wearing them in public with your missus. She will disown you.


    Alessandro Del Piero

    What about when the World Cup and Euros are on?

    Wearing an England top when the major tournaments are on is just about acceptable. But don’t worry, you won’t have it on beyond the group stage anyway …

    2. Hi Top Trainers

    Next up we have a firm favourite within the hip-hop (crucially not to be confused with hip op) industry, the Hi Top trainer. As a style, Hi Tops tend to be associated with younger people, and they also lend themselves rather nicely to jogging bottoms (which of course come under the sportswear segment above).

    This rule doesn’t mean you’re confined to a life in cream Reebok classics … a firm favourite among the older generations. So we're told.


    Toy Story Yeezys

    This is a pair of £600 limited edition Toy Story Yeezys. Don’t wear these … at any age in fact.

    For inspiration on styles that suit the older gent, take heed from Hugo Boss trainers. They’re understated and stylish enough to work with jeans, and they won’t make you look like a middle-aged rapper trying to cling onto his youth.

    Oh and for the sake of all that is holy, stay away from Yeezys, Nike Flyknits and Huraches. If these words sound foreign to you, keep it that way. Stick to shoes for the finer gentleman.


    3. Skinny Jeans

    Skinny jeans tend to only look good on … well … skinny people. As a man, your 40s is the decade when testosterone starts to reduce, leading to a slower metabolism and a slight filling out around the waist. This isn’t a bad thing though, just read how Leonardo owns the Dad bod here.

    Wearing skinny jeans leaves little room for overhanging love handles or manly thighs, ruling out a number of men in their 40s. And for the men lucky enough to still be skinny in later life, there's another problem posed by skinny jeans.


    Olly Murs skinny jeans


    Skinny jeans are usually worn by the young indie crowd. You know, those folks that wear four-year-old festival wristbands, and spend 75% of their wages on organic beard oil and tattoos.

    Basically things you probably don’t do in your 40s.


    Thanks for reading and please let us know if there are any other items you’d like to add to this list (or indeed if you think any of these are wrong!).

    Honourable mentions: bomber jackets, novelty tshirts (joke slogans, superhero, beer branded, tv shows, rock bands), peaked caps, scoop neck tshirts, festival wristbands as accessories, ripped jeans.

    September 12, 2017 — BoosterApps Apps