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Manchester City’s travel kit: as fresh as their football?

Posted on 21 August, 2018

Written by Jon Clarke

Football is back! Not that it was away for long mind, as we had the Euros as a filler for the usually baron summer months. It looks like the big guns are picking up where they left off - City thumping Huddersfield 6-1 in their opening game, and United getting beaten by Brighton.

But while we’d love to spend more time firing more shots in the name of football bants, we bring to you a fashion-related spot, and it involves the current champions…

It may have past you by, but Manchester City’s ‘travel kit’ caused quite a stir earlier this month. It was while they were over in Miami for their pre-season friendlies, and were papped in quite an unusual ensemble. Before we continue, we’ll let you take a look for yourself…

Man City’s travel kit: a fashion own goal or a stroke of genius?

You can see why it caused a lot of chins to wag on Twitter. It sits somewhere between smart and casual, but we're struggling to pinpoint exactly where. The all black look is timeless and classic, but the above-knee shorts and high socks are somewhat retro - and this is all before we get to the shoes.

Joe Hart, Brahim Diaz and other stars wore black derby shoes. That’s right - just like the ones you wear with your suit. The unusual combination, dreamt up by Dsquared2, polarised opinions online - with some people calling it slick, and others screaming ‘WHAT ARE THOSE’.

Some even likened it to the times when you forgot your P.E. pumps and had to use your school shoes. We've all been there. Either way, if City wanted a reaction to their new travel kit, they certainly got one.

It’s not the first time their off-field attire has fuelled fashion debates either, as we featured a look at their bomber jacket and white trainer combo a couple of years ago - also by DSquared2 clothing. Like this, that received mixed reactions. But then, cutting-edge fashion usually does, doesn't it?

GQ Magazine are in favour of the move, stating three reasons why it works:

“The reasons this look works so well are three-fold. For one, they've colour coordinated to a tee. Two, they are all completely fiercely owning the look (just look at those stances), and three, they've collectively hit a bunch of this season's biggest menswear trends directly on the head.”


The Verdict

But more importantly, what does team GS think? Well first of all, this look isn’t for everyone. One thing you will need to pull this off is a great pair of legs (something the City players won’t struggle with). This means more 'skipping', and no skipping leg day at the gym, lads.

Next, you’ll need the right pair of shoes and, believe it or not, we’ve got the perfect choice. Our Malham Derby shoe was born for this look - and even has subtle navy details to the heel and sole, giving an extra dimension to your colour palette.


As this is a kit for an entire football team, the uniform aspect of it does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to the style working.

In reality, if you’re going solo with the look, leaving the house without feeling a little... well… silly, is going to be difficult. But if you’ve got a quirky and eclectic personality/dress sense to begin with, and you like to try out new looks, this one could be for you.