With Christmas next week (where did 2018 go?!) there's some exciting news for all you sports fans. We're proud to announce our collaboration with England cricket legend, Jonny Bairstow. In the last few years he's made records tumble, which has helped him on the path to joining the Sunrisers in the IPL in recent days. But becoming the latest Goodwin Smith ambassador is the icing on the cake, we're sure.

In between his busy schedule, we managed to grab some time with Jonny to talk about all things cricket, Yorkshire and fashion. See the exclusive Q&A below...


1. Let’s start with your humble beginnings. You’re a Yorkshire lad born and bred - in fact not too far from our neck of the woods - name three things you enjoyed the most about growing up in God’s Own County?

What’s not to like about Yorkshire? The countryside, the fresh air, and the straight-talking people. It all keeps you down to earth (especially the straight-talking people).


2. Naturally you get to travel a lot with your job. Which countries or cities stand out the most to you and why? No matter how far flung and exotic the place is, does a little bit of your heart still crave the rolling English countryside?

I love South Africa - Cape Town is amazing. But Queenstown New Zealand is my favourite city. It does remind me of the hills and countryside of home - except NZ have winters perfect for skiing and summers with gorgeous weather. It’s a lovely place with lovely people, and I’d recommend anyone to add it to their bucket list.


3. Scenario: you’ve just won the Ashes and it’s time to celebrate. It’s a night on the town with the lads. What outfit (most importantly which GS shoe) are you going for?

Has to be the Ripley Tan - brown brogue with white sole - class with a pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt.

Ripley Tan

Jonny's shoe of choice: the Ripley Tan. Can't blame him can you? 


4. Name the biggest highlight of your career so far, and why it means so much to you.

My first 100 in Cape Town. Took me a while to do it, but that’s my favourite achievement. My family and friends were there, and you go through a lot along the way, coming back from being dropped and generally having a tough time with form. So that’s definitely my proudest moment.


5. Who’s the best dressed player in the England squad currently (apart from you obviously)?

*very quick to answer* … Chris Woakes. He’s definitely the best dressed. Just classic, pure and simple.


6. Usain Bolt is currently making waves in Australia as a professional footballer. If you had the chance to turn professional in another sport, what would it be and why?

It would have to be Rugby. Rugby Union. The camaraderie, the togetherness, the respect that rugby players have for each other, the referee - the way in which they go about it - it’s all very commendable. But also it’s a great game, great fun, and I loved playing it as a kid and have special memories of it growing up.



7. Obviously most people see you donning the famous white kit, but tell us a little bit about your individual fashion sense and style? What are essentials in the Jonny Bairstow wardrobe?

Quite classic generally, but not afraid to mix things up and push my boundaries every now and then. Shoes are a big part of my wardrobe, great way of changing your look depending on the occasion or time of day. The Goodwin Smith range is so big now, I need to start inventing more occasions as excuses to own them all!


8. You own a number of records for England. Most dismissals by a wicket-keeper in a calendar year. Most runs by a wicket-keeper in Test matches in a single year. First England cricketer to score three consecutive one-day international hundreds. Which one makes you most proud and why?

They all make me very proud, but records are the byproduct of the hard work and dedication along the way. You need to keep aspiring to go forward and break them. My favourite achievements are always through team effort, that’s where most of the satisfaction lies. For this reason, winning the Ashes was unforgettable.


9. If you were to pass on any learnings or advice to upcoming cricketers, what would they be?

Just enjoy it. That’s the reason we do it. The reason you work hard, miss your mates' weddings, sacrifice things growing up. But ultimately we are very fortunate to do what we do, and I enjoy every minute of it.


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December 19, 2018 — Bonnie Jackson