Written by JON CLARKE

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the last week, you’ll be aware that the world’s most famous mansion just became vacant. Hugh Hefner, the Playboy magazine creator and icon, died at the ripe old age of 91. Apparently he’s very stiff, but not from viagra this time.

That was a joke in bad taste, but we’re confident Hugh would approve, as he was a top bloke like that.

Here’s 7 more examples of why you could learn a lot from the man that brought us nude women and lavish parties…


1. He was loyal and monogamous…initially

Hef first had sex in 1948, according to an interview with the Daily Mail. He was 22 years old and had saved himself for his wife. They had two children and were together for 10 years. However, Mildred admitted to cheating on Hugh when he was serving in World War II. Not cool Mildred. Not. Cool.


2. He believed in himself and it paid off

During his time in the war, Hugh immersed himself in all kinds of journalism. From articles to cartoons, he worked for many different publications. It wasn’t until he was declined a $5 weekly raise from Esquire in 1952 that he decided to start up his own magazine - called Playboy. It turned out to be a bit of a success, selling millions and millions of copies.


Hugh Hefner


3. He was actually a very sentimental soul

Hugh holds the Guinness World Record for scrapbooking. Over the years he’s collected a number of photos from both the magazine shoots and parties with his friends. We’d love a thumb through his scrapbooks...can you give us a quiet room and leave us alone for a bit?


4. He was generous with his partying habits

Long before Dan Bilzerian was even born, Hugh was doing exuberance and excess to the highest of heights. Back in 1969 (what a fitting year), he bought a private jet just to party on. Naming it “Big Bunny”, Hugh would take several of his girls on there and fly high into the sky. Miles high.


5. He has a species of rabbit named after him

This isn’t really something you can learn from him, but it’s a pretty cool fact. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service named a species of rabbit the Sylvilagus Palustris Hefneri after Hefner back in the 1980s. If there’s one motivation we can take from this, don’t stop until you’re famous and rich enough to get a bunny named after you.


6. He loved perfection and settled for nothing less

Hugh was renowned for his iconic red velvet smoking jacket. He actually owned over 200 custom-made jackets like this. He held quality and craftsmanship in very high regard. This taste was something he channeled into his mansion, which was equipped with the finest equipment and…err…women. Lots of them.


Hugh Hefner


7. He believed in free speech and supported good causes

In his eventful life, Hugh contributed $30,000 to the restoration of the famous Hollywood sign. He purchased two franchised Playboy stores at a loss because they refused African-American models, only to re-open them himself with models of all ethnicities welcome.

He defends his often criticised image for politics and objectification of women by saying ‘if you don’t have free speech in press, you don’t have democracy.’

Love him or hate him, Hugh Hefner certainly made a big impact on the world of sex, Hollywood and partying. And for that, we salute him.

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