Italia, a place famous for its style, scandals and stunning women. Just like GSHQ. Hey, how you doin'?

The average Italian gent is cool to the point of envy. He sweats coolness…and chilled Martini.

We all dream of having a little Italian in us.

In fact, every Friday night, our head designer Matt Windmill has a saucy Italian in him…a tomato garlic bread you dirty devil. Jk. Lol. Lmao.

Jokes aside and Italian fashion has that ‘sprezzatura’ or ‘studied carelessness’ that won’t trump your GS game but simply add to it.

We spoke to our 24/7 on-call Roma native, Cassius de Matteo, on how to Italia yourself. He told us… 



As casual as they are about corruption, the Italians are the same about wearing sunglasses. There’s no: “Take off your Luxotticas son, you’re inside you pillock.” Sunny or cloudy, indoor or outdoor, exercising or sleeping there’s no wrong time to don shades.

If you’ve no idea what shape to go for then play it safe by going M.J. That means sticking to aviators as anyone can pull them off, apart from Usher or Simon Cowell. 



Normally, we don’t advocate smoking. No one even vapes in this office I tell ya.

But if you want to pull off the full Italian image, then you’d do well to sit outside a café (not Starbucks or a McCafé) with a shot of an espresso and a lit cigarette dangling casually from one corner of your mouth. To add an extra layer of authenticity to the image, look like you don’t give a shit. You talkin’ to me?

But, what if there are no cafés near me we hear you ask. Not to worry as a key element of Italian style is the pose. From Milan to Mount Stromboli the streets of Italia are filled with men who know how to stand.

Read that carefully. Stand, not loiter. See picture for full details.



Finally, colour is your friend.

Get rid of the image in your mind of Italians only wearing Dolce and Gabbana suits. It’s not the 1960s and you’re not in a Fellini movie.

The trick is to opt for a bold statement colour that best compliments your skin tone, a sky blue or even a fuchsia pink (if you can pull it off), and work more traditional muted colours around it.


August 05, 2016 — Jack Dyson