As the 2016 Summer Olympics come to an end and Rio fever starts to cool down, GS ambassador bullet-proofbear returned home. He didn’t win any medals, but he did learn a thing or two about how to score in Brazil. And that’s more useful.

Here’s the bear’s conversation with Samara Reis, a dancer born in Sao Paolo who was flying back to England where she teaches and performs samba.

We like to open up an interview with some advice for our readers. A Brazilian girl walks into a bar, what does a lad do to get her attention?

Dress well. Smell nice. Act like a complete gentlemen. Treat her like a lady. Don’t be a sleaze! Be confident but not cocky. We’re no different to any other girls really!


We’ll be the judge of that.

Brazilian girls are considered the sexiest in the world. Why?

Are we? Thanks!

Perhaps because in Brazil everyone is so mixed so you will encounter a vast variety of beauties. Brazilian women tend to be confident in their own skin which people may find quite sexy I guess.

Also in Latino culture there is a lot of machismo, so women have to be strong-minded, independent and able to stand up for ourselves.

At the same time we are very feminine, and like to express our femininity. It’s a powerful combination, no?

Speaking of expressing your femininity, what’s with all those topless girls at the Carnival of Brazil…is that part of the festival or have the girls gone wild?

Topless? I am not sure what you are talking about. Kidding!

Any form of nudity is showcased during the main carnival parade and I think it’s to demonstrate liberation. Remember that being topless sunbathing is forbidden in Brazil.  

Actually in a carnival parade usually only about five per cent of the girls will be topless…and some of them are actually men, so maybe it’s more a case of boys going wild! Remember that if you’re hanging around the sambadrome getting drunk on carnival weekend!

Duly noted.


So, what are the turn-offs for Brazilian girls when it comes to dating? How important are a guy's shoes?

I know that Brazil is famous for being open-minded and having sexy and easy-going people all over the place.

But I would say that a total turn off is a guy that instead of trying to know me first he goes with the rumours.


It’s all about havaianas dude, if he is not wearing the appropriate flip-flops he is out of the door.


Right. I’ll take these off then. Could you suggest some Portuguese slang that would help break the ice on a first date?

Nothing vulgar! Please don’t talk about “bunda” (BOON-dah) = ass

Try “legal” (leh-GAL) = “Cool”. Or “Valeu” (va-LEH-oo) = “Cheers” or “Thank you”.

But if you are feeling charming, try calling her a “gata”, which means “pussycat”, which is a nice way of saying you think she’s sexy. It's my favourite ;-).

Legal! So, describe your perfect guy in three words.

Confident, witty and passionate.


Valeu! Who’s your football player crush? Is it Ronaldinho or Neymar?

Haha, none of the two.

In Brazil, women watch football genuinely because of their skills but Kaká is cute.


What's your favourite thing about British guys?

I think in general British guys are pretty honest.


So, you gata, what’s the chance of getting your number?

None, because I am not single.


Right. Well this was pointless.



Samara Reis Bio: 

Brazilian-born, Samara gained her expertise at Sao Paulo's Samba School Vai-Vai. Her samba career highlights include - NME Awards 2009, Fringe Festival 2010/2012, BRIT AWARDS 2011, Strictly Come Dancing 2011 and the 2013 West End BRASILBRASIL Show. 

She's also had appearances in adverts such as Sony, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and her face has been used for CNN's advert to promote the Rio Olympics.

With extensive knowledge in choreography, she has organised themed shows for the occasions the Brazilian football team have played in London and other high profile events. With extensive experience in the teaching field; whether with children or with adults; she was voted the Best Samba Teacher in the UK by the LUKAS AWARDS 2015

If you're looking into learning how to dance samba or wish to have a tailored Brazilian dance show at your event get in touch with Samara via missreisa@yahoo.com or on Instagram

August 24, 2016 — Jack Dyson