Let’s face it; you look shagged 24/7. Your face sags, the bags under your eyes look like caves and the colour of your face is a mixture of dark grey and light grey. Modern life is a bitch. We grant you that. We must work hard to survive which often means we play hard to chill out. The problem is that we’re never really chilled out and our bodies know it. By mid-afternoon, as you stare into the office toilet mirror you see yourself as puffy-eyed, short tempered, hallucinating shell of a man. To get you back to looking your best, we’ve compiled a list of tricks to prevent you looking not tired, but debilitated.


You may think that “lay off the stimulants” wouldn’t appear on a How To Look Less Tired blog but if you think about it, it’s bloody obvious. Drinking that venti Americano with an extra shot may make you feel like you an important stockbroker yet you’ll crash harder than the 2008 stock market. Nice little word play there. Don’t even get us started on Red Bull - the bringer of headaches, irritability and constipation. A smart move would be to replace the caffeine with a good quality supplement. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D crop up a lot when it comes to getting through each week looking like an actual human and for good reason too. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes a whole host of issues such as weakness, tiredness and brain fog. On the other hand Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin – has been shown to fight off colds, flu and respiratory infections.



You could go with the Joker look but there are other less terrifying ways to hide the signs of fatigue. The skin underneath your eyes is thin and delicate and thus sensitive to looking puffy or dark if you're sleep-deprived. To kick off one of the most effective ways is using a cold eye mask. The cooling gel will reduce puffiness and relieve stress and tension. They're perfect for the morning after a big boozy night or even when you get home from a particularly stressful day. Obviously, make sure you've kept the mask in the fridge prior to using. Use for ten to fifteen minutes. If you want to literally hide the signs of fatigue then use a concealer to cover up your blemishes and dark circles. Try the Menaji Camouflage Stick originally developed in the US for Actors, TV presenters and business professionals. Chose the right colour for your skin tone.



Over in China, napping is seen as an art form. The locals love a good midday snooze. Even after the morning flask of green tea, a head buried into a makeshift pillow between the hours of 12 and 2pm is a familiar sight. Harvard sleep researchers found that power naps can boost productivity, improve memory, jump start creativity and even help lower your risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, sleeping isn’t as simple as you may think. A sleep cycle is divided into four stages and the quality of yours all depends on which stage you wake up in. Ever wondered why a twenty minute nap can feel better than an hour long one? For more detail on the different stages of sleep see here (how many of you will click on this?) Whatever the case, your next comment in that office suggestion box should “sleep pods”.
March 24, 2017 — Jack Dyson