The gym - like a clingy ex - is something you'll do anything to avoid. You find yourself making a whole range of excuses, "I can't find my membership card." "I've got work to do." "I'm too tired." You also find yourself making excuses about going to the gym too. Lol. #joke. 

Turning your home into a place of exercise saves money and time but most importantly you can wear what you want. Here are 4 tips to gym without a gym. 


It's important to designate a space for your workouts. Although you may think it's a good idea to save room and be economical, doing pull ups using the ceiling lampshade over the kitchen table probably isn't a good idea. Have a shelf or cupboard where you keep your weights, mat and other equipment. Put them in a room where you have the space to exercise and can access them with ease. That means a place like your living room not the old outhouse at the back of the garden.

(We understand that you may not have the money or inclination to create this large and extremely colourful home gym but you get the idea.)  


There are thousands of available online workouts to follow. Just a five-minute scan on YouTube could set you up with a year's worth of training. You don't need to be surrounded by other half naked people to get your sweat on (there's a joke somewhere there). Go online to find a workout that suits your environment and goals. Just be careful you don't smash that coffee table if you pick a Kick Boxing session.  

(Quick question: why is that man at the back wearing at hat?")


The key to any good workout is focus, but that can't happen if you're constantly being distracted. We've all seen those people at the gym that sit on a machine just messing on their phone, hogging the equipment to scroll Facebook. If you live with someone, workout when you know the house is going to be free. Put any pets in another room and make sure you turn your phone to flight mode, or better yet, turn it off. Once you start your workout, commit to it. 

(This is clearly an American phone. We don't have Verizon in the UK.)


There are three essential pieces of equipment you need to have when you're going to get your sweat on at home - a Swiss ball (exercise ball), free weights and a skipping rope. Each of the items are easy to use and offers lots of different exercises. The YouTube channel Zen Dude Fitness offer great skipping rope workouts that are easy to do yet very effective. Here's their 10-minute jump rope workout to get moving like Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. in no time. 

(This man is literally skipping on air.)



Just because you're working out at home doesn't mean you can wear whatever. This tip goes back to YOUR OWN SPACE and the psychological importance of getting in the mood to workout. A pair of summer shorts, havaianas and an old Kasabian t-shirt might be comfortable to perform squats in but it doesn't scream high-intensity workout. Simply wearing gym clothes can inspire you to exercise more which means when you get home from work throw on your gym clothes as soon as possible. 

(This man is clearly trying to find the door to his giant garage.)

May 17, 2017 — BoosterApps Apps