It’s not everyday that you get to interview an internationally acclaimed musician. Yet, if you bother an agent long enough, things start to happen. Jack Savoretti finally called GSHQ to talk family, fashion and music.


GS: Your latest album, Sleep No More, received quite the reception on its release. Sum up in a sentence or two how the music on this album tells a different story than the ones before.

JS: This is about all the things that keep you up at night…songs for the modern man.


Your path in the music industry has been quite ‘organic’ compared with other artists. Has doing it your way given you a satisfaction that your musical ‘vision’ hasn’t been compromised?

There has always been two choices, responsibility and passion. I never wanted to compromise on those two things.

You also have a pretty successful fashion career too, featuring on the front cover of GQ in recent times. Who are your fashion inspirations and how would you best describe your day-to-day style choices?

I’ve always been fearful of trends and prefer things that last forever - more classic and timeless. My father’s clothes were an inspiration, particularly from the 60’s and 70’s. 


On the subject of footwear, we’ve got over 80,000 followers who are dying to know what type of shoe you like to wear when touring. We’re getting Chelsea boot vibes, but we could be wrong?

You’ve hit the nail on the head! I love your Whalley Tan boots but then the Italian in me loves the Langho Tans as well.

You’ve had quite the cultured upbringing, having moved around Europe through your childhood, is there a particular place that you’ve visited that lives long in the memory for you?

Probably Portofino.


Why’s that?

I went there with my parents every summer. It's a very beautiful place with some good memories for me.


Are you close to your family?

Of course, isn’t every Italian? Family is everything. In fact, it was my mother who gave me my first guitar. She inspired me to write music. I used to write a lot of poetry, but soon realised that more people listen to you if you put it to a melody.


And that’s all Don Savoretti had time for. Before he hung up we asked what was next for him…

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ve been confirmed to open up for John Legend on his UK and European tour this Autumn!


To check out Jack Savoretti’s Goodwin Smith recommendations, head over to the Whalley Tan and the Langho Tan pages on our website now and order yours. We can’t guarantee they’ll make you sing like him, but they might just land you on the front cover of GQ. 


May 29, 2017 — Jack Dyson