It’s that time of the year again, lads. The John Lewis advert is out, Christmas is gradually knocking on the door and you know what? So will bae, if you don’t start cracking on with your (*cough* her) Christmas shopping.

There’s nothing worse than leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute. Let’s be honest, what good has last minute ever done you?

Not to worry. This is the year where all your Christmas shopping woes go out the window and you rack in brownie points. However, in order to get those bae brownie points and be the envy of her friends, you need to make some sacrifices and get ahead with shopping.

From activities she can’t stand to Christmas shopping tips; little things that matter to good behaviour – these are the top 9 things to do for Miss/Mrs Clause before the big day…all without breaking the bank.

1. The BIG One: No FIFA for a month

We know you must be gasping in shock, but let’s be real with each other lads. We all know that the moment FIFA comes out in September (every year) it becomes absolute priority and she’s benched. So, just for the weeks leading up to Christmas put down the controller and give some attention to your No. 1 star.

2. Reduce watching Premier League

Hear me out boys. We’re not saying you completely stop, just cut it down. Not every Saturday or Sunday has to be for watching football, dedicate some weekends specifically for her. Trust us, it will pay off.

3. Shopping list for her family

Start making a list for what to get her family members. Whether you ask her what they want or do personal research, this will show her how much you care and certainly bring you some brownie points.

4. Compliments

You might do it already, but always remember every woman loves a compliment. Whether it’s about her outfit or just her personality, compliment her but don’t be obvious.

5. Surprises

It could be as simple as flowers or buying that jacket or pair of shoes she’s been going on about.

6. Showing her off

Bringing her along to drinks with the boys might seem like an abomination, but involving her shows to her that you’re proud to show her off.

7. Knowing what she likes

As men we tend to ask rather than actually knowing, but observing the things she does and likes makes it easier for you to know instead of always asking.

8. Best behaviour

Help out on Christmas day, whether with the cooking or setting up. But mostly, try not to overdose on the mulled wine, or spirits for that matter.  

9. Support

If she thinks she needs to lose weight before Christmas, tread softly with your response. Support her: “I think you look great babe, but whatever you want to do I’m here for you”. It’s really that simple.

December 12, 2016 — Jack Dyson