Already dubbed the sexiest contestant yet, Goodwin Smith’s Jessica Cunningham is set to star in the latest series of award-winning BBC One show, The Apprentice.

As well as co-hosting Goodwin Smith's What The Buck video series, Jess is co-owner of Prodigal Fox – a fashion brand that deals in dresses and sexy lingerie items.

The Lancashire-born beauty is unable to speak publicly about being a contestant, however, the story leaked earlier this week and the press has gone wild.

It’s uncertain what Lord Alan Sugar will think of Jess. She’s like a toddler full of Skittles: loud, cute and hard to get hold of. Check her talkative BBC profile video here

Her “What The Buck” co-host, Jack Dyson, had this to say about her appearance on the show:

'"What The Buck!" The whole team here at Goodwin Smith can't wait to see Jess in full flow on the show. She really is one of a kind so Sir Alan will have his hands full for sure.

Working with Jess is an absolute ball from start to finish. Things can always escalate very quickly. All I'll say is: expect the unexpected with her, she's a live wire!"

The first episode of The Apprentice kicks off October 6 at 9pm on BBC One.

September 27, 2016 — Jack Dyson