Baldness - the bane of many men across the world. In fact, nine out of ten balding men cite hair loss as their number one concern. There’s caffeine shampoo but it’s £5 a pop. There’s hair transplants, but they’re...well...they’re very expensive. You could do what U2’s The Edge does and wear a hat hoping nobody notices you’re bald. Or, instead, you could learn a few quick tips on how to embrace it…


1. Resist growing a big beard

I know beards are all the trend at the moment, thanks to the hipsters out there, but take our word for it - they aren’t a great look on bald men. We aren’t talking about short, well groomed beards here by the way, but the huge bushy ones, ala Gandalf. Instead, you should look to maintain a shorter beard, as this still screams masculinity without over-compensation.

Take some inspiration from the likes of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he wears a bald head and beard well. And even if he didn't, we wouldn't fancy telling him...

The Rock Beard


2. When hair gets thin, it’s all about skin

A feature of hair is that it often provides a contrast to what you’re wearing. When there is none, that contrast colour becomes your skin. According to advice from Paoletta, if your skin is pale, then you want to opt for darker coloured clothes, and the opposite goes for if you have a darker complexion.

Also, your eye colour is likely to be more noticeable when you’re bald, so choosing your clothing to complement them is always a good idea. You can read more on the subject of contrast and complexion here.


3. Accessories are your friend

It’s a cliche that balding men often wear hats to cover their baldness...but it’s also kind of true. However, what we’re saying is: don’t be afraid to wear a cap every so often. Whether you go for the Peaky Blinders look or even the ‘Jude Law’ trilby, find a hat that suits your style and own it.

Glasses are also a cool feature to wear, and can detract from the starkness of a bare head. More and more people are starting to wear clear-lens glasses purely as fashion accessories, so don’t be afraid to give this a go.

Jude Law bald

Lastly, scarves can be excellent accessories in reducing the appearance of baldness. No, we don’t mean wearing them over your head - we mean just around your neck. Because they cover a lot of skin, they can help to make baldness appear less harsh.


The last word

Ultimately, going bald isn’t the end of the world gents. There are hundreds of millions of men who are bald (or going bald), so it’s really not worth stressing over. Sure, there are all kinds of medication, tonic and surgery options available, but we say just embrace it. 

Use these tips in tandem with your own style and you’ll notice the worry will slip away. Chicks dig a bald guy, and you're apparently more reliable and trustworthy (according to research).

Patrick Stewart is bald. So is Bruce Willis. And Stone Cold Steve Austin. Enough said.

And let's face it, embracing baldness beats bad toupees every single time... 


November 19, 2017 — BoosterApps Apps