Written by Jon Clarke

In a socially saturated online world, standing out as a fashion blogger is arguably harder than ever. When a simple search on Instagram or YouTube will turn up thousands of results, it can be hard to siphon off the noise and find quality content sometimes. Here at Goodwin Smith, we’ve done just that, providing you with a concentrated list of the most inspiring, unique and daring male fashion bloggers in 2019.

So sit back, immerse yourself in their styles, and let their imaginations flood your wardrobe…


Carl Thompson

1. Carl Thompson


Having Founded 'Hawkins & Shepherd' menswear label back in August 2013, Carl Thompson branched out into fashion blogging. His influence on menswear thereafter has been very impressive (and that’s not just because he’s been the face of Goodwin Smith for some time). His blog offers a fusion of travel, fashion, style, grooming, food & fitness. He’s very active on Instagram and YouTube too, so we suggest following him on both!


Ben Heath

2. Ben Heath


Ben started this blog four years ago as an outlet for his creative side, attempting to cover all things man. “Noticing the voice of the modern gentleman isn’t heard as loudly as our female counterparts, I wanted to give a male perspective on the finer things in life”, Ben says, as he proclaims that the modern man (21st century gent) is not afraid to look after himself.

“Fashion becomes effortless, travel just a short hop away. Throw in must-have gadgets, and an ability to enjoy good food and you’re almost there!” You can also follow Ben’s travels and tastes on Instagram.


Alexander mcHale

3. Alexander McHale


Dealing with the measurement and management of risk and uncertainty is a profession that may sound many moons away from fashion blogging, but this is in fact what Alexander McHale does by day. With a Masters degree in Actuarial Science, he’s in the process of training to become a bonefide Actuary. And while you might trust him with your investments and finances, you could also trust him when it comes to your wardrobe choices.

His blog is awash with all kinds of seasonal fashion tips and travel guides. “I’ve travelled to 32 countries so far, my favourites are Greece, Vietnam, Italy, India and Costa Rica. There are so many more places I still want to visit! Japan, Cuba, Brazil, Peru and Iceland are on the top of my bucket list.” You can follow his bucket list journey on Instagram.


Stuart Reardon

4. Stuart Reardon


Rugby and Modelling don’t usually go hand in hand but Stuart makes it work. This 6 foot, 85kg handsome athlete appears in many magazines including DNA, Muscle & Fitness, Gloss, Q Vegas, EILE Magazine and many more. Stuart now runs his own online training programme, Fear Nothing Fitness, featuring body weight workout videos available worldwide. His Instagram and fledgling YouTube accounts will always be on our fashion radar, and the fact that he’s a fellow northerner just fills us with pride!


The Wade Twins

5. Henry & William Wade (The Wade Twins)


Lastly, we have a two for one bonus for you. These two identically handsome gents started their blog as a fun project whilst they travelled around Australasia in 2017. Once home, they moved to London and started to ramp it up and take it more seriously. They’ve had huge success since doing so, working with a range of big companies on various projects.

In their own words, “the purpose of this blog is to showcase the everyday man, this blog will cover our passion for style and fashion, offer guidance in fitness and travel but also represent a normal lifestyle any man looking to improve their living can emulate”. Follow Henry Wade and William Wade on Instagram.

And that’s it for this month’s instalment on the top fashion bloggers in 2019. But don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come, so stay tuned!

May 06, 2019 — Bacup shoe direct Collaborator