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Posted on 09 February, 2017

So, you're concerned about being banned from the entering the US. Trump's executive order may hit you hard. You're living life on hold, afraid of the possibility of no more weekend trips to Vegas or jaunts down to Miami to reenact your favourite Scarface scene.

"This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This town like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked..."


Classic Montana. 

In any case, while you're biding your time thinking about "The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" we've put together our top three favourite destinations for when a US president gets to uphold his Muslim ban.



Malaysia has to rank first as the number place to visit if you've been banned from the US. Why? Because it is ranked as the most Muslim-friendly country in the world according to The country is a mishmash of cultures and practises including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and several Chinese religions. However, it is Islam that is recognised as the state's official religion so profiling and discrimination shouldn't factor into your holiday package. Once you land check into one of Kuala Lumpur's affordable five-star hotels before you explore the capital. There is loads to do from sampling the local halal cuisine to visiting the Petronas Towers. 



Spectacular isn't it. That building is the Sagrada Familia - Antoni Gaudí's stunning temple located in the heart of Barcelona. It was started 135 years ago is still being built to this very day. If, after Brexit and the rise of the far right in France, you're under the impression Europe is becoming more and more intolerant, Spain is the holiday destination for you. It was, after all, once conquered by the Arabs. There are loads of Muslim historical cities to check out in Spain from Cordoba to Alhambra. Don't forget to visit Gibraltar, where the Muslim leader Tariq bin Ziyad landed in 711 AD. 


xi'an china

If you've ever fancied like experiencing China, then the city of Xi'an is the place to go. It was the first city in China to be introduced to Islam and still boasts a sizeable Muslim community today. Take a trip to the Muslim Quarter found to the north of the West Street in the city centre. The area, inhabited by over 20,000 Muslims, has around ten mosques including the Great Mosque which is the most famous and popular. However, no trip to Xi'an would be complete without a visit to the Terracotta Warriors. Avoid going at peak times as queues can be a nightmare.