When it comes to looking the part, TV and Radio presenter Gina Akers is kind of a big deal. Having appeared on the likes of BBC and ITV as a beauty and image expert, we thought it was high-time she became a member of the GS Club. Gina writes exclusively for Goodwin Smith on the worst seven mistakes when it comes to male grooming. Pay attention gents.


1. Oil Slick Hair

You might think it looks good but leaving your own bespoke oil stamp on everything you get into contact with is well... just gross. Go for a pomade for that high-shine look or stick to good ol' Brylcreem but DON'T overdo it. The Loki look suits Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hiddleston only.

Greasy hair isn't pleasant but is an issue that can be easily solved, just buy conditioner for guys, don't pinch your girlfriend's conditioner or female housemates. Get your own and get it right. Unnecessary heavy hair conditioner will result in greasy hair and it’s a common mistake to just use any conditioner but if you want to avoid the greasy look then opt for a daily conditioner that suits your hair type, and most importantly of all don't use too much.

2. Over-Exfoliating

Over scrubbing won't actually achieve better-looking skin but will result in quite the opposite, making skin dry with fine lines and wrinkles looking more prominent. Over exfoliating can dry out your skin and even make your skin look flaky. Exfoliating is good for your hide but only in moderation. Carry out intensive exfoliation a couple of times a week with a loofah or firm body brush, or if you want a daily option mix your body scrub 50/50 with your shower gel and use with a wet sponge. 


3. Guyliner

This looks awesome on cool rock dudes but unless you’re going to a retro grunge gig or dressing up as an extra from Twilight then give it a miss. If you really must go for the guyliner then always remove it completely at the end of the day with a gentle eye make-up remover.  This will care for the delicate skin around your eyes and will help to avoid eye infections.

4. Toxic Aftershave

If you’re smelt before you’re seen then you’re a toxic cologne culprit. Intoxicating yourself and all those around you with a cloud of overpowering fumes may give you confidence but it will give everyone else a banging headache.

To get the most from your fragrance apply it daily to your wrists and neck. In general, the best places to apply aftershave or cologne are where your body heats up the most. Don't rub the scent into your skin, press it in or allow it to air dry, this ensures it lasts longer but without giving you and everyone else the eau de' migraine from hell.


5. Drawn On Stubble

Prince will be a legend for all time and so will be his designer stubble but drawing it on is just wrong and all you'll achieve is ending up looking like a bad George Michael impersonator. Drawn on stubble.... nope there is no good alternative to drawn-on stubble, if you want it - grow it and use a good quality beard oil.


6. Unibrows & Unruly Sidies

The Unibrow is quite possibly the biggest no-no of all. Groomed brows are a truly great thing but unless you want to look like a Ken-doll don’t over pluck them. Sidies need to be in check too. If yours have their own life goals then it’s time to reign them in. If they’re uneven this is no good either as it will give you an unbalanced look. Sidies mustn’t have their own side-show.

7. No Nasty Nails

Dirty fingernails mean germs are lurking and there’s nothing attractive about that. Invest in a good nailbrush or a male manicure kit (these usually come with tweezers and other cool grooming tools). In fact, why not visit a salon for a professional man-icure, it's actually one of the most popular salon treatments for males. Overgrown toenails suit Godzilla but are not a good look for guys.

Use a different pair of nail cutters to the ones you use for your fingernails. Fingernail clippers aren't usually very effective on toenails as they just aren't heavy duty enough and end up going blunt. You’re also more likely to damage your toenails using them and this leads to higher risk of painful toenail infections. Gross!


July 13, 2016 — Jack Dyson