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Brogues: four tips you need to know

Posted on 10 February, 2016
1. When matching your brogues for a formal occasion it is best to go with a shoe with less detail and decoration. The subtle yet stylish brogue will accentuate formality without any distraction.
2. When brogues look a little worn it adds personality so don’t worry about getting your shoes a bit scuffed. However it is still important to look after your shoes, give them a good polish from time to time. This will prolong the longevity of your shoes.
3. Adding a different colour lace to your brogue can completely change the look of your shoe and outfit. It’s fun to be daring but ensure that the colour of the lace you choose doesn’t clash with your outfit or accessories.
4. Brogues are a key item in a man’s wardrobe as they can be worn with jeans and smart trousers making them versatile.