Summer is coming! Which can only mean one thing: people are going to attempt the controversial and start rocking the I'm-an-important-travel-writer-look and not wear socks. 

Before you go all Pimms and lemonade at the rowing club on us, here are some vital points to consider.


When we say "going sockless" we don't actually mean you forgo wearing any fabric around your feet. Also, people wouldn't actually expect you to be walking around stinking out your brogues. Unless you actually like the feeling of squelching moistness underneath your feet then two or three pairs of invisible socks are in order. You could do worse than to add some Faulke Step Invisible Socks to your wardrobe.  


Sure, going sockless in a suit can make you look like mixture of Bruce Wayne and Jude Law. You're the guy! However, it's always better to check the dress code of where you're heading to before you get your ankles out. No matter how laid back and cool you are a person, you'll never get away with going sockless at a wedding...or a funeral for that matter. 

If you do work in a Googleesque office then there's no reason why you can't stroll in one morning minus any socks. If you are going to do this then it's crucial to remember than



This doesn't involve going to the gym to get them shredded; it's more a matter of maintenance. What's the point of going sockless if your ankles are pasty white, cracked and hairier than Frodo's Baggins?  

Before going sockless get hold of an intense exfoliator and give those bad boys a scrub. Of course, the idea of appearing sockless is to appear as if you picked up the style from visiting some Italian coastal town with models Alessandra and Liliana. Therefore the next step is to apply some fake tan to them - subtly. Unless you can actually get tanned naturally.


Don't get them out for the whole world to see. Tease the public with your ankles. Think of 2017 as Victorian England where the mere flash of a girl's wrist was the same as her getting the tits out for the lads down the Dog and Otter. Have some decency man. 

Less is more so with that said don't go sporting a pair of three-quarter length trousers like you're on the set of TV show Shameless (see below). 

The best way to look sharp is your socks is to let the public see just a bit of skin between the top of your shoes and the bottom of your trousers. 

July 21, 2017 — BoosterApps Apps