Forget Trump’s victory for just one moment. Let’s talk about the most important aspect of any American president: which ones have everyone’s vote when it comes to style. Here’s the top five most fashionable President of the United States ever to have graced The White House.

1. John F. Kennedy or “Jack” looked like a Ralph Lauren model when he rocked the polo shirts onboard his boat. The stylish, charming, young president was a dyed-in-the-wool all-American and could pull off any item from Shetland sweaters to collegiate ties.

2. There are many things outgoing 44th president Barack Hussein Obama II will always be remembered for, and chief among them will be his ability to wear a slim suit. The POTUS wears well-tailored suits that actually fit. Also, he wasn’t afraid to ruffle some political feathers when he went tan in 2014.

3. At 6’4” and with big ears and hollow cheeks Abraham Lincoln would be forgiven for not being the most stylish of commander-in-chiefs. But “Abe” managed to pull off the double-breasted frockcoat, waistcoat and stove-pipe hat with finesse. He grew his beard on the recommendation of an 11-year-old girl who said “all the ladies like whiskers.”

4. As a young man Franklin D. Roosevelt was someone if you saw you’d say “look at that handsome son of a bi*ch”. As president he was equally distinguished and refined and knew exactly how to hold a cigarette with a highball glass. All this cool charisma was particularly impressive given underneath his well-cut suits Roosevelt wore thick metal leg braces to help cope with the polio that handicapped him.

5. Only President Dwight D. Eisenhower, formerly General Eisenhower, can boast of designing an item of clothing. He was unhappy with the option of a regular field jacket and so decided to create his own “very comfortable” version. The “Ike” jacket became standard issue for U. S. troops beginning in November 1944 and soon the entire U. S. army adopted the look. That rivals Beckham for trendsetting.

November 15, 2016 — Jack Dyson