Written by Jon Clarke

With Father’s Day fast approaching (in case you need reminding, it’s on the 17th June), we thought it was worth giving you a little boost of inspiration. This list is ideal for those dads who seemingly have everything and, let’s be honest, that applies to most. So put your feet up, grab a coffee, and take a look at these five delightful gift ideas for your old man this year…


  • 1. Personalised Royal Brierley Luxury Crystal Antibes Whisky Tumbler

  • Is he even your real dad if he doesn’t enjoy the occasional short? Maybe it’s just on special occasions, or maybe it’s when he’s on one of his political rants, either way - he needs a suitable vessel to glug from. Royal Brierley is the longest established name in English Crystal, founded in 1776, and is now owned by renowned glass and crystal makers Dartington Crystal in Devon. Add to that some personalisation, and this tumbler makes the perfect gift. The fact it doesn’t come as a pair (as most tumblers do) makes it even more exclusive and special to him.

    Warning: he may start drinking more shorts, and becoming more embarrassing at family functions. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    Shop the Brierley Luxury Whisky Tumbler

    2. Barbour wallet in grain brown leather

    If there’s one thing your old man will have amassed during his time on this earth it’s cards. Credit cards, ID cards, work passes, driving licenses (unless he’s really old and has a paper copy). This being the case, he needs a stylish mode of transport for them all. What better than this smart bifold Barbour wallet? Made and crafted from 100% premium grade leather, featuring a 100% Barbour Classic cotton tartan lining and 10 credit card slots.

    Warning: may make him spend your inheritance more quickly.

    Shop the Barbour wallet in grain brown leather

    3. Retro Shaving Set With Mirror Shaving Bowl

    With its contemporary style and feel, this Famego four piece shaving set - complete with a pure badger shaving brush - is designed to provide an excellent shave and look good too. Your dad has probably shaved more times than you’ve had hot dinners, so why not make it more of an event for him this year? The retro look and feel of this set is much better than a BIC. He’s not come this far in life to use budget razors. Want to know the best bit about this set? It’s compatible with Mach3 razor blades - so the finish will be as smooth as the retro look.

    Warning: could make your dad attract more girls than you.

    Shop the retro shaving set

    4. Ealing Tan shoes

    Shameless plug alert! But give us a chance here. The Ealing Tan brogue is one of our most popular styles among older gents - probably because of its timelessness and comfort. He could wear these with jeans for a night at the pub, just as easily as he could go to Auntie Rosie’s birthday shindig. Their versatility and conservative design make these beauties even more appealing, as it takes away the headache of outfit matching. This allows you to have a stylish dad and, better still, if he has the same size feet as you - some pretty good footwear to borrow if you need to!

    Warning: these could make him more stylish than you.

    Shop the Goodwin Smith Ealing Tan shoes


    5. Beerwulf discovery pack (16 beers)

    Just when he thought he’d tried all the beers on the planet, along came this Father’s Day gift. The Beerwulf Discovery Pack includes 16 craft beers that are flavourful and easy to drink. The percentage of alcohol is between 4.2 and 11.3%. There’s bound to be a few he’s never tried before and, if he does discover a new favourite, then you’ve given him a gift for life! They come in a pretty cool box too and delivery is free! Cheers!

    Warning: may notice an increase in his flatulence.

    Shop the Beerwulf Discovery Pack

    May 31, 2018 — Bonnie Jackson