LCM always brings out the best and worst in style and trends. One minute you’re looking at a beautiful pair of brogues (although not on the level of GS), the next you’re sat at the side of a catwalk trying to look simultaneously uninterested and enthusiastic about an unknown designer’s new eight-foot long ‘concept’ cardigan. However, the wheat does eventually get separated from the chaff, and the SS17 showing was no different. Here are four trends you should be getting on board with. 

Football factory


No more confined to the lads out in France during this year’s Euros (or during any point in the ‘90s), tracksuits have been making their way back onto the catwalks for a while, and the SS17 season is finally their time to shine. Central St. Martin’s graduate Christopher Shannon featured them in a big way, as did Bobby Abley and Christopher Raeburn. The zip-up top was the winner; a good lightweight alternative to that cardigan you think looks good but really doesn’t. 


Wolf of Wall Street


Talk to some designers, and you’d feel as if you were in the middle of Wall Street or American Psycho. Simon Carter is putting his money on it, with a selection of bold, thick striped shirts harking back to the heady days of banking. Other designers are striping up, too: Lou Dalton added some fun to her usual elegance, and Mackintosh went bold with a few of their pieces. Speaking of which…


Summer rain


We’re not going to sugar-coat this - it pissed it down during LCM. Friday was fine, but after that it was that perfect mixture of humidity and Biblical downpours that makes the British summer so unique. No wonder, then, that the light overcoat was a big deal. Versatile and breathable, it’s a must for any man looking to stay dry and cool during the summer months. Mackintosh obviously smashed it, but so did Oliver Spencer and Several. 


Grounded fashion


LCM has had a tendency to be a little brash when it comes to colour choices. Let’s face it: even if we like to think we’re pretty confident, most of us would have a hard time walking out the front door in a neon pink bowling shirt. However, there’s always the calmer side of things, and neutral colours are sticking around. More specifically this time, earthy tones were everywhere, with Barbour’s new collection leaning heavily that way, and Nigel Cabourn going all military, inspired by WW2’s ‘Desert Rats’ squadron.

June 20, 2016 — Jack Dyson