As a leading men's footwear brand we attract quite a bit of a following. From TV presenters to pornstars, our fanbase runs the whole gamut. Hold on, pornstars, that's ridiculous: pornstars don't wear shoes. 


Someone who does wear shoes, however, is Oliver Webb - British auto racing driver and 2014 European Le mans series Champion… yeh that Oli Webb. Oli is one of Goodwin Smith's early ambassadors after first collaborating with us back in 2014. He's a stylish chap who makes a living racing ridiculously stylish cars. We think he fits the GS mould perfectly. 


We managed to catch Manchester's fastest fashion icon, to talk about how he stays sharp when he's not on the track.


Hi Oli, great to see you again. How would you sum up your spring summer style in three words.  

Let me think… I’d say, edgy, laid-back and comfortable. 


Strong start and what key item of clothing are you going to be investing in for this spring summer season, after from your Goodwin Smiths of course!  

You've got to have a nice, loud, quirky pair of swimming trunks really haven't you…


What are we talking here? The Daniel Craig look with some sharp goggles?


Where am I going to be hiding the goggles?! I don't know about the James Bond look. Somewhere between board shorts and normal-sized trunks with a nice, loud and proud pattern. I'm open to anything really.


Steady on Oli, steady on. What's been your most expensive spring summer item you remember buying?


The most expensive item I've bought is probably a bright red, evening, sun-going-down, smoking jacket thing that is quite loud and proud. That was for last summer.


Very Hugh Hefner. What's the biggest fashion failure you've ever made then? What have you crashed and burned on?


Yeah. Good one. Buying jeans that fit nicely and look good but then buying the wrong coloured socks to match them, nightmare.


You'd recommend upping the sock game for spring summer then?


I’d say so, if you're going to wear them you've got to know what's under and over them. Socks are risky in summer. Most people get away with not wearing them. 


Who would you say influences your style?


I think Beckham is always on point. On point but he's down the middle. He's not too garish. He's quite a classy, smart gentleman. 


What about in the car world?


Lewis is quite a fashionable bloke but he's a bit up and down with it. Some days I think he looks quite sharp and then others I see him in a glittery paper bag or something. 


Potential Twitter feud there. Let's change track. Okay, what about the Spring Summer time vibe in general. What's your favourite beverage?


I'm partial to a nice Hendrick’s gin and tonic. When I'm by the beach then a bit of a strawberry daiquiri. I guess fruit in the day with my speedos on and a pair of bright pink socks. Then a James Bond drink at night for sophistication. 


What factor sun-cream do you use?


Random but I’ll oblige. I try and get away with either an 8 or a 15. 


And you keep the helmet on when hitting the beach?


Oh yes, speedos and the helmet every time!


What's in the calendar that you're looking forward to?


I'm just looking forward to getting down to the races, seeing some of the fans and getting into some of the hotter countries. I'm looking forward to doing what we do best and looking a bit browner in the process!

March 29, 2016 — Jack Dyson