This month Goodwin Smith welcomes another addition to its fold, okay fold is a little too biblical...let's stick with club. Twenty-four-year-old Jack Alexander Harry Dyson comes on-board as Brand/Marketing Manager.


Why? Because Goodwin Smith is expanding faster than a bullied kid who's taken up roids, and second because when it comes to all things fashion, branding and social media, Jack's the guy. Over to you Jack.


"My role at Goodwin Smith will be a fluid position which will see me immersing myself in all aspects of the brand. You have to know how everything else works beyond marketing in order to generate the best results."  


Like Jerry 'you had me at hello' Maguire he too has a mission statement: to turn Goodwin Smith into a 24/7 social fashion brand. 

Jack's Snaps

Jack added:

"In the last 12 months Goodwin Smith has been breaking down that barrier that exists, traditionally, between the customer and the brand and really try and engage with each individual through their purchase and beyond. With social media particularly you have the ability to be a little bit more playful with how you market your product. For me it’s all about real-time marketing, you need to be where the party is.”  


He wants GS customers to be able to “Call on us whenever they need anything, making buying a very personal experience.” 


Jack believes “Large brands get lost in the hysteria. You buy from them then they keep you at a distance, but you’ve got to interact and continue to add value, even after the purchase is made. We’re selling a lifestyle.


He's a totally self-taught student of social media. Buy him a vodka cranberry and he'll tell you about his very own 40-40-20 marketing formula. He's the kind of guy that will instinctively scream NOW! when the perfect time to post a picture arrives. Trust me, he’s done it.  


He knows that "there’s no such thing as a ‘guru’ in the industry as social media is an ever changing, evolving, environment…We're always learning." 


Well, there you have it...for now.


Also, Jack has a beard and is a size 9 (shoe). His favourite colour is black and when asked what his favourite animal is, he replied, "I'm an asthmatic. I do like zoo animals though." Legend has it that if you whisper into the sole of your sole, he'll whisper back. It only works with these GS though.



March 21, 2016 — Jack Dyson