We know our shoes end up in some very interesting places, but this week they will be taking a very special journey, across the pond, to Washington D.C. To a little ol' building called The White House.


Two of our GS Club members - Irish cousins Henry Healy and Billy Hayes - are heading to Washington D.C. to attend the St. Patrick's day function at the White House. Whilst there they will meet President Barack Obama.

We are always intrigued by the stories of our GS members but this one got us really excited. A once in a lifetime trip we thought - not the case - it will be Henry's 6th visit to the White House.


When Obama traced his roots back to Ireland in 2008 he discovered Henry to be his 8th cousin. Barack came to Ireland in 2011 to visit his ancestral home of Moneygall and Henry greeted him and gave him a guided tour. The pair have built up a friendship ever since and even shared a few pints of Guinness in downtown Washington.


Though Billy met the President five years ago in Ireland, it will be his very first visit to the White House.


When we heard the story we knew these guys had to be GS ambassadors. I mean drinking pints of Guinness with the president and going to visit him on St. Patrick's day - that's the kind of stuff that makes a GS legend, forget ambassador.


We wanted to make sure the guys stole the show in the White House and so we’ve hooked them up with the best of our SS16 collection for the trip.

Billy also picked up a pair of Healey Navy Derby shoes in a size 12 (we think this is the President's size) pictured above. He’s hoping to give these to Mr. Obama - after all it would be rude to go to someone's house and not give them a gift.


Could Obama join them in the GS club this week? Follow the guys trip via our social channels on Twitter and Instagram this week too see their journey!


Peace. x

March 15, 2016 — Jack Dyson